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  • I could very much identify with the first 3 paragraphs! :)
    We are getting ready to head north this weekend (PA) to be with family (some extended)and I am looking forward to some cooler weather! We DID have 60 this morning and that felt WONDERFUL!! The windows were wide open till the heat got to be too much! (which state do you live in?)

    Mmmmm….fresh squeezed lemonade!! :)

  • LOL Kids are always such great memories makers.

    I’d sure love to sit down with ya and have some good ole homemade lemonaide!

  • Happy times to you while you’re away! Love your girls and these {im}PERFECT pictures of them and all their uniqueness going on. :) The lemonade looks fabulous. I’ve been making it this summer too, but never tried squeezing them by hand! Looks yummy!! I’d like some right now, please, served with a huge stack of delicious looking pancakes. :) Oh, and you did know, didn’t you, that you’re girls are always going to burst into the bathroom and be “bad” now that they know they can get a shower out of the deal?? Tsk. Tsk. That’s what you’ll get for rewarding them so grandly!! And you’ll all have richer memories because of it, I suppose. :)

  • Oh Clarita, you have no idea how glad I am to know that my girl is not the only one who “pees like a boy!” :)   I have changed countless pairs of panties because of streams over-shooting the toilet. 

    The lemonade looks wonderful!

  • Love your lemonade recipe and photos. I’ll try it on the weekend. But I’d like to use honey instead of sugar.

  • I laughed and smiles all through this post! The shower scene sound very, VERY familiar! I can remember Jude opening the shower door and handing me a go-gurt to open… “Umm, little busy here son.”

    Love the picture of Zoe’s outfit!! She still looks darling :) Gideon when to the grocery store with me wearing a long sleeved striped shirt with plaid shorts and his camo. rain boots :)

    Have a fun trip Clarita! Cute bra by the way ;)

  • Happy post…

    and the pancake recipe, please.

  • So fun to see what is happening in your world these last few weeks.  That shower story is too funny.  Is it wrong that I am having trouble keeping from picturing it all??

    Your girls are so adorable.  And good for you that you are able to go and visit family before you go to Colorado.

  • this is perfect! i am having friends for a bbq on friday evening. i put fresh lemonade on the menu, but still needed to search out the perfect recipe! and i just found it!

  • hope you have the best of times away with your family!!
    and, letters from faraway places, from family? THEE best!

  • Oh you are just so cute and happy! 
    I wouldn’t make a good single parent either. I hate when we’re going through a long work day/weekend spell. (or market season! It’s fun at first, but gets old by Sept.)

    Have a Super fun time with family and friends! Enjoy your trip and hopefully the weather will be kind. It’s been gorgeous around here….70′s and 80′s.
    Happy Tuesday to you. =)

  • I forgot…cute bra! lol.
    And the lemonade…it looks wonderful!
    Ok, I’m done now. =)

  • …a short post… i guess for you it was! i loved it, as always. my favorite picture was of your bra wearing monkey! the lemonade sounds amazing… must make some soon!

  • I love fresh lemonade, we have it a ton also … southerners have iced tea, we have lemonade ( I wish we could grow our own instead of having nasty imported mexico ones). I love polka dot bra’s, little girls (and big ones too) that dress themselves and think that purple and purple match rather then clashing, Family vacations and cool mornings! Enjoy your time away … sounds much deserved!

  • yum- on the lemonade!! and the pancakes. My mom used to make all whole wheat and they were my all time favorite.

     showering with little kids in the house and only one adult has been a stress of mine as well. =) things happen, funny things and sometimes scary things.

     letters from sisters….sweet thrills!!

     Hope you have a wonderful relaxing time with your family!!

  • i love strawberry lemonade!! and this is the exact same way i make my lemonade.:) (the best way in my opinion!:) and its really easy! instead of just slices of strawberries, i usually put crushed (not totally smooth, but chunky)strawberries in mine…and about the potty/shower story-i loved it!:) a mom’s life is sometimes hard (feels,at times, that all i do is GIVE ),but its well worth it!:)…have fun up north!!!!!:) 

  • I feel for you moms and you definitely get a A+ from me. I totally understand about having a few minutes by yourself after having done lots of babysitting myself.
    I’d love to come visit with you on your porch and have a glass of that fresh lemonade. It looks so yummy!
    Blessings on your trip and have fun!

  • how did i miss this post?? it showed up here out of nowhere. a nice little surprise in my sunday morning as i get ready to teach sunday school. :)
    ok. so my fav part of this post was the part where you said zoe thinks things match if like flowers on the top and the bottom match– that could not BE more elle!!!! so yes, i was nodding all through that.
    i loved the shower story too… and the pretty bra picture. :)
    i love the picture of the lemonade in front of the fan. great setting. keep posting– they always fill me with joy.
    wonderful to SEE your face. happy trails, friend.

  • @floridabreze -  We live in Georgia, but only about an hour from the Florida line. And yes, we know about heat too. :)

    @mlt10202002 - Oh good! Hope the lemonade was what you hoped it to be! :)

    @cupajava - isn’t that just the best recipe ever?! everyone always raves about it. :)

  • I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family! That lemonade sounds wonderful!! We need to catch up again sometime soon.

  • sweet sweet first shot. i don’t know but it almost makes me teary.. well, i DO know why. being far from family, i get the preciousness of a handwritten letter from those you love!

    the lemonade looks yum and so pretty – if a drink can be pretty. :) and your kiddos are too funny and cute and i love them!

  • ps. nope that shot of girly w/ her shirt up isn’t inappropriate – - but, i’m not probably the best judge of appropriateness. ;) i just think it’s a classic kid move – shirts up, clothes off, underwear on the head. all that stuff! :)

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