June 25, 2011

  • Mary Kay Special #5!


    I’m feeling a bit slightly distracted…

     I spent ALL DAY yesterday with this wonderful man, celebrating six years together!

    My head is still in the clouds… :)

    celebrating 6!

    [self-timer = provides spectators with great amusement]

    I have many more pictures, but I’m dancing about the ground today and I keep thinking back of yesterday and smiling… :) My dear friend, Linda, kept the girls for 12 hours while Ben and I went out and just played all day! What an amazing friend she is!

    It’s been six years together, and I say honestly that we have never loved each other more than now!

    Ben is God’s greatest gift to me, outside of salvation, and I am so thankful for him! His greatest strengths are my greatest weaknesses, and I realize more and more all the time how much I desperately need him in my life!

    Here’s cheers to many more for us! :)



    Well, this is the finale’!

    Thank you so much to those of you who have purchased Mary Kay products through the month of June! I am so grateful to all of you, and I have to say, it has exceeded what I ever expected! So thank you, thank you! Many of you have been people that I don’t even know in real life, but who have been following my blog, and your support [for Ellerslie] is very special! A huge, heart-felt thank you!

    The last and final special is:

    These come in 3 sizes, and I absolutely them for organizing the Mary Kay makeup!
    They are a magnetic system, so there is no fear of opening the compact and your makeup falling and shattering all over the floor! Your brushes might fall out, but not your shadows and powders! :)   I love this new system!

    [small - Compact mini]
    [makeup not included :) ]

    [medium - Compact]
    [makeup not included :) ]

    [large - Compact Pro]
    [makeup not included :) ]


    Brushes & Applicators

    [brush set]

    [eye color/concealer brush]

    [liquid foundation brush]


    all other brushes and applicators,


    the Travel Roll-Up Bag!



    All of these products mentioned are 20% off from June 25-30, and there is free shipping as well!

     look more here! www.marykay.com/claritayoder and search under the ‘makeup’ tab at the top of the page.


    Wishing you a lovely rest of your weekend!



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  • the Happiest of Anniversary’s to you!!
    and, all these specials are SO tempting!!! but, i just spent my allocated wad on my Clinique products 2 weeks ago…
    i do hope your sales are adding up tho!
    happy weekend right back at you!

  • So this is my very fave part of Mary Kay! I love the mini compact … except I dont keep my brushes in the bottem, I keep 2 colors of bluch down there. I LOVE the travel bag and the brush set! I feel a lot more like a modern traveler taking this along, rather then the Caboodle! I hope you have marvelous sales and meet great new friends!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - I know all about spending the allocated wad. :) I hear Clinique products are really great too!


    @The_Carpers - Great idea to put two blush colors on the bottom! And yes about feeling like a modern traveler! That’s fun when you’re a mom with children – feels a little more put together, right?! :)

  • happy anniversary. so glad that you and ben were able to spend so much childless time together just reveling in each other and the joy that you have in each other! so thankful for blessed relationships of those friends that i know that give me hope in a relationship that is based on the Lord is is fought for every day looks like. looks like a beautiful time was had…love that photo

    ohhh those compacts are such a great idea, then you can always have your fav’s around and know they are all togehter with you. hope that your sales continue to go well and you guys are able to get to ellerslie soon. i’m excited to hear about that journey as well!

  • @mytoesareblue - thanks for your kind words! and yes, i hope one day you can experience a relationship like that yourself!

  • You are SO adorable! I bet Ben felt like picking you up and swinging you around. :) Happy anniversary!

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