June 10, 2011

  • The Candy Shop Powder Room – before & after


    It’s time for another before & after! I’m not sure why it’s taking me a year to post some of these before & afters, but it’s fun for me to be reminded of the progress that has been made since purchasing this home!

    This post is dedicated to the girls’ bathroom, also called The Candy Shop Powder Room. I know, I know, it’s seems very strange indeed to associate ‘candy shop’ and ‘bathroom’ in the same phrase, and especially used to describe each other!

    I’ll get to that later. :)

    So, that’s what we call it, just for fun. And since  ’Powder Room’ is used to describe a bath that’s the guest restroom in large homes, we’ll call it that as well. It just sounds a little better than ‘bathroom.’

    We moved this second restroom to a totally different area. The original was in the very middle of the house, and one had to walk around it in a very awkward manner. Besides that, it was in terrible terrible condition – the floor and walls were rotted out, and it needed to be gutted anyway.

    This is the original bath, after we Ben tore out the fixtures, tub, and toilet.

    February 2010 154

    We moved it into what was a very large laundry room. This cut down on the size of the present laundry, but it was well-worth it, to have a powder room with a window and also allowing a more spacious hallway. We ended up putting in stairway [with the intent of one day remodeling the attic space into 1-2 more bedrooms, because we only have 2 existing bedrooms] where the old restroom was.

    Site of the old laundry room.

    February 2010 150

    This room also had to have much work done it. The floor was taken out to the dirt under the house! A brand new floor and wall were put in. The little bit of window that you can see on the right was filled in, and a wall placed at the end of the double-window, thus dividing the laundry and powder room. [This picture was taken before the wall was put in: the new wall would block this view.]

    Meanwhile, we purchased an old clawfoot rub on craigslist. Craigslist was my good friend when we were re-doing this cottage! I found so many treasures on there!

    However, this ‘treasure’ needed a lot of TLC. We really debated whether to put in a regular tub/shower, which would be much more practical, especially since this would be the guest bath, OR if we wanted to go with something that fit the era of the 1906 house. Ben left the decision ultimately up to me, and I chose the clawfoot tub. And even though it’s not the most practical decision, I have not regretted it! I love seeing my girls take baths in that sweet old tub!

    bath 18

    It was in terrible condition, with no fixtures, a broken leg, and decades of stain and grime on the inside.

    We looked at and purchased  it after dark one day, and it was not until we brought it home and looked at it in broad daylight the next day that we realized how bad a shape it was in! Ben spent time sanding and painting it, interior and exterior, with a special tub epoxy.

    This is part way through the work-in-progress. I wanted a vintage-y, fun restroom. I love the aqua color, and I wanted something that would be fun for the girls, since a lot of the house is more of a sand/neutral color.


    An old door that we found, also on craigslist, that fit the powder room door and the look we wanted perfectly.

    bath 17

    There was beadboard already existing on the ceiling, which looks awesome but was SO difficult to caulk and prime and paint. I had terrible headaches from the kinks it put in my neck!

    Ben put the beadboard up around the bottom of the walls, which he got from different parts of the house [for some reason, I can't remember where exactly, but I know we didn't buy it].

    And the finished room!


    bath 6

    I took pictures of the room while the girls were taking a bath. I thought that would be a very realistic perspective for you!

    bath 5 bath 7

    Ben added the small crown molding at the ceiling, which added more kinks to my already-stretched neck, but really does enhance the look. Also added the trim on the bottom, the small ledge trim on the top of the beadboard, and some touch-up trim around the window.  At least these were at normal levels, even for the vertically challenged.

    The toile curtain panels I made from scrap fabric that a local window treatment business gave away.

    bath 15 bath 16

    We chose an octogon pattern tile with the black diamond insets, from Lowe’s.

    This is one thing I’m not sure I’d do again. I absolutely love the way it looks, and wouldn’t want anything different in that degree. But it is so difficult to clean, with those multitudes of tile grouts that are constantly filling with the sand and grass and other not-to-be-mentioned things, compliments of the little ladies of the house.

    The metal basket holding the towels is an old milk carrier bucket, which has some dairy information written on it. It was a dusty silver cover; I spray-painted it black and [unsuccessfully] added a small chalkboard area where I attempted to write ‘towels’. I think it needs a few more coats of paint on the three coats already present. Or else a different kind of sign.

    For the tub fixtures, we bought a gooseneck faucet with the oldfangled style of handles. ♥ This is one of my favorite things in the whole bathroom.

    We debated about getting a shower-style handle, but the price difference from this, which already ran about a hundred, or the shower-handle-style, was a steep enough different to make us go the cheaper route. The three hundred saved could go for other things. And some day, if we ever get loaded, we can buy the other. For now, it works perfectly.

    bath 06

    bath 07

    For decor on that side of the room, I added silhouettes of the girls, made at 1 & 2 years of age, respectively, that I put on canvas.

    I also added some tissue paper balls, which I have a fetish for at the moment. I have limited these to two rooms of the house; this room, and the girls’ bedroom. I would probably have a house full of poufy balls if I would not restrain myself.

    bath 3

    bath 4

    bath 2

    Bath 1

    The towel-holder-turned-toy-rack was present in the old bathroom when we bought the house. I just had to clean it up and install it, and hung the basket from it with jute string.

    The towel holder we had from before we moved, which we made by adding yard sale hooks onto a sample cabinet door.

    bath 10

    The other side of the powder room… This is a smallish-sized bathroom, and it was a bit of a challenge to get pictures in here.

    We had a customized cabinet built, with distressed and inset doors.

    bath 12

    Ben made the concrete countertop in here, which I absolutely love. It has the look of stone without the hefty $$$. We had priced out just the countertop with normal countertop, and a small area like this was several hundred dollars. Ben did this for less than $50.  

    bath 03 bath 02

    I planted Jonny-Jump-Ups in my little raised bed, and they are so precious in this powder room!

    bath 01

    I made this hair pretty holder to organize the girls’ bows and flowers. Not only does it work great, but it also adds a nice piece of wall art. :) [these are for sale on My Faire Lady on facebook]

    bath 11

    Also for decor and organizational purposes, I found this apothocary-style jar at a thrift shop for a dollar, and added a bird decal that came free when I ordered some wall words for another room.

    bath 04 bath 05

    This is where the Candy Shop part comes in:  so many people, upon seeing this bath, have said something like, “Oh! This looks just like an old fashioned candy shop!” [referring to the colors/style, not the commode, of course].

    And that’s how it got its nickname. :)

    And that’s the Candy Shop Powder Room, before & after!


    February 2010 150

    to this!

    bath 7

    There is a great quote that I think beautifully sums up why I attempt to make our home beautiful. It is not for the sake of beauty itself, but in order to reflect the One who created beauty in the first place…

    This comes from the book, What is Hidden Art? by Edith Schaeffer. I read this book years ago, but my sister Ervina recently read it and sent me some quotes.

    “I would define ‘Hidden Art’ as the art which is found in the ‘minor’ areas of life.
    By ‘minor’ I mean what is involved in the everyday of anyone’s life, rather than his career or profession. But – and this needs emphasis -
    a Christian, above all people,
    should live artistically, aesthetically, and creatively…
    If we have been created in the image of an Artist, then we should look for expressions of artistry…

    “Does this mean that we should all drop everything to concentrate on trying to develop into great artists? No, of course not. but it does mean that we should consciously do something about it.
    There should be a practical result of the realization
    that we have been created in the image of the Creator of Beauty…”


    I loved this, and it beautifully sums up my desire and motives for creating a sanctuary for my family…
    …even if it’s as small as a little powder room. :)

    ~ clarita


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  • Pardon me while I covet your amazing counter top! I have hidden fantasies and they are all about the concrete counter tops. MAYBE, Ben would give some tips to Merv, because I have a bathroom just waiting for a vanity and counter top … (and many other things like flooring and paint and linen closet etc etc).

  • I LOVE your candy powder room!! It looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing the before AND after! You have a really cute house!

  • Beautiful room! We put the little hexigon white tiles in our bathroom as well and while I love the look when they’re new – they are SO hard to keep clean! Rich thought the grout he used didn’t have to be sealed, but apparently it did cause now it’s stained and just looks dirty. At some point he’ll probably regrout the whole floor. The tile goes so well with our house, but I’m just not sure it’s worth the work of trying to keep clean. Love the cement vanity top too – I have big plans for Rich in that area – :)

  • It’s beautiful! I love old claw foot tubs and always think it would be such a pleasure to sink into a long hot bubble bath in one of those. :)

  • @The_Carpers - I’m sure Ben would be happy to! :) Especially since he wished for someone to give *him* tips during his experimentation!@RICHK1200 - We’re on the same page with that then! :) We sealed our grout, but even then it’s hard to keep clean. It cleans well when I clean it, but there are just so many little cracks and crevices to catch all sorts of little dirt particles. :( But even with all that, I’d probably still be impractical and do it all over again, just for the look! As for the countertops – it’s *unbelieveable* how much money you can save like that! We saved thousands in our house because Ben did the kitchen and both bathrooms in concrete. And they look GREAT!

  • When we moved into our house, the master bath had the same style of tile only it was blue & white (the 2nd bathroom still has blue/white tile, but only in the shower)  And it wasn’t just on the floor…it was on the walls and ceiling too! :0  If it would have been limited to the floor and been a different color (black & white would have been great!), then I would have enjoyed it.  I’m so grateful my husband tore it out and blessed me with a beautiful (& less dizzy-ing) muave & tan bathroom!P.S.  The best thing about buying a house that needs to be fixed up?  A husband who can do the majority of the work by himself!  Bless him! :)  

  • Oops…forgot to tell you that you did a great job with this bathroom :)   Absolutely beautiful!

  • How lovely!  Well done!  I really enjoy your “before and after” posts!  Ben’s concrete countertop is fabulous!  How did he learn to do that?Those quotes are wonderful! (I’m gushing…I can’t help myself!):D

  • Oh so delightful! My grandmother had a huge tub in an old house, and I still have fun memories of bathing in it with my sisters. Her bathroom was black and aqua with black fixtures. Everything turned out so wonderfully…you and your hubby are so talented in this area! And the added decor just adds to the flavor and mix! I am going to keep looking for apothecary-style jars at thrift stores. I have been wanting some myself and will not pay the big bucks. Great quotes too!

  • @Charisbella - :) Thanks so much, you make me smile! :) Ben read up on it online, and basically did a few little trial pieces before the real deal! I think he’s a pretty good experimenter! @SherriMonCheri - I know – isn’t it amazing to have a husband that can do so much of the work himself??!@ABAHM - Aww, I loved hearing your memories! That’s what I hope my girls will say one day too. :)

  • it is soooo charming!! i love this before and after and wow! that was a LOT of work! clawfoot tubs..ah. be still my beating heart. they are so very lovely, and just the look of them makes me want to sink into a mass of bubbles with candles around the room and a good book to read. ;O) but, then again, i’m not much a bath person, so… it still sounds lovely tho!and i LoVe that quote. so very much. happy weekending to you!!

  • This is soooooo pretty! I love the color and each detail you added!

  • I love everything about the girls’ bathroom! The transformation on the bathtub alone is amazing!! I can hardly believe that the rusted out stained tub is the same one the girls’ are bathing in. WOW. The colors are perfect. I do really like the look of concrete counter tops. We thought about it for our kitchen, but they are very long counter tops and would require a lot of additional structural support. We went with butcher block counters instead. Thank you so much for sharing this Clarita, I love seeing you “hidden art”

  • wowsers!!!! this transformation is a-mazing! :) i always think that blue makes a bathroom look so fresh and clean as well… i love the hair thingy and the jar with th decal. my fav part of redos like this s hearing how the stuff was “found”. oh, its just so fun to hear! i am in PA on my BILs computer so this has to be short n sweet! see ya :)

  • Your little cottage is so beautiful! I love the quotes you shared here, and know that you really do live that out~not just making things pretty and nice as an end in itself, but for your/other’s enjoyment and to create an enviroment where the beauty of Jesus can be felt, shared, experienced. You always inspire me with your beautiful home and your attention to detail.

  • now i know where i’ll be when i swing by the cottage! :) yep! right there in that tub. i’m already eyeballing your toy selection…and i love how cool and soothing the colors are! awesome-ness clarita!

  • @down_onthefarm - You’re so funny! Rubber duckies for your pleasure, madam! :)

  • Its beautiful, Clarita. I adore those curtains, and the tub, and the cabinet, and pretty much everything. Great job!

  • @FOREVERLANE - Thank you for your sweet words! And you equally inspire ME, beautiful woman!

  • @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - I know – after I posted the pictures I thought I should have had the tub OVERFLOWING with bubbles. But that’s not realistic in this house [we'd have drowning children], and I was trying to make it look like real-life. :) @inanorchard - I was so pleased with how well the tub cleaned up too! After the first look in broad daylight, I thought we might have made a grave mistake!@baileyandme - your comments always make my day. :)

  • Love it!  So very pretty!  And creative!

  • @baileyandme- you’re in PA?! i saw that!!! any chance you wanna sneak over my way!

  • Love this little room, even before the door closed and locked properly. You know what a fan I am of that and little peeping nieces. :) The quote actually comes from The Hidden Art of Homemaking… like I said in my letter, the whole thing reminds me of you. Thanks for living beautifully.

  • what a wonderful before and after! beautiful room :)

  • Do you ever look back at pictures and just stare in amazement at how HARD you worked? :D I do that with our new house and I think you had double the work b/c of tearing down first!

  • wow…that is an amazing transformation…love the old bathtub. so much fun for you and your girls and i’m sure your hubby as well. so pretty i love the colors and the apothocary jar with ribbons.

  • i love your taste in your powder room. love the colors!

  • I don’t know How I missed this post! I so look forward to your before and afters!  I just Love your style and your decorating. =)I like how you scratched off the we and wrote Ben….I do a lot of that when talking about work “we” have done on our house. lol.Your bathroom is gorgeous! My neighbor put the same floor in and I just LOVE it!  I love your tub, and the colors you chose and your curtains! Adorable.I was out with my Mom and two of my sisters earlier…(we stopped at Starbucks and had coffee along the way, that is why I am awake at this ridiculous hour reading blogs!)…and while we were driving my sister started talking about you. She was saying how beautiful you were….then we talked about how cute your girls are, how pretty your sisters are, and how you are always dressed so nice. How your blog is so sweet and how you are just such a nice person! We all just love your blog. =)

  • @Elizabethmarie_1 - yeah, i thought i had better be honest and let it be known that it was BEN that did the hard work of tear-out, not me! even though i say ‘we’ so much of the time. :) ) and what a fun time with your mom and sisters!! i would love some of that time right now! i’m the only sister out of four in the U.S. right now, and although i’m so happy for my sisters, i miss them dreadfully! and oh my goodness, you all are too sweet! you say things that are WAY too nice, but you sure make my day. :)

  • I have never seen this before online–http://karapaslaydesigns.blogspot.com/2009/04/concrete-countertop-how-to.htmlMaybe you’ve seen lots of them, but I thought I’d like because I think you’d enjoy the blog. She designs displays at Anthro–

  • @twofus_1 - How very interesting! Wish we would have seen that when we were experimenting! :) Ben did some research online just by googling, but I don’t remember this site. But aside from even the concrete countertops, this looks like a fun site to check out! She designs displays at Anthro?? I will definitely be stalking her blog. :)

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