June 6, 2011

  • Of a Mother and Her Daughters.


    I’ve been wanting to show the incredible pictures that Christy took for us a few weeks ago!
    When we were planning a trip to visit her and her dear family for the weekend, she offered to do a photoshoot if we wanted.
    IF we wanted?! A photoshoot with Christy was too good to be true!

    This was especially special because I love mother/daughter pictures on Mother’s Day, and didn’t get a single one this year.
    So when she offered a bit later, it was just a hug from God!
    I know, I’m sentimental like that. But it really was.

    And, it seems like I’m the one behind the camera 99% of the time.
    While I enjoy that, I also want at least a few pictures with my children every once in a while too! :)

    I dreamt of all-white outfits for us.
    Whites and creams, to be exact. And bare feet.
    I had seen some pictures from kellehampton and absolutely loved the mother/daughter pictures I saw there.
    But after our photoshoot, I think Christy’s photography wins. :)

    This shoot was the fulfillment of every dream.
    I honestly could not be happier.
    I smile until I almost burst into tears when I look at these pictures!
    Christy, you are amazing! Like I told you before, you make us look really good! Ha!

    Without further ado, these pictures are compliments of C. Smucker Photography.

    I love how she caught the motion in this one!

    I’m not sure if this was a pleading to pleasebegoodforthepictures or what…  because we did have a few melt-downs.

     I just have to put that in here, because these look like perfection, and like all we do is smile.

    Truth be told, we do smile a lot,
    but we also settle a lot of fights and wipe a lot of tears! :)

    I think this is my very favorite EVER!

    I love some of the ones Christy got of Zoe’ Grace…

    And of Olivia Caroline.

    My two precious girls! They look like little angels on these pictures! :)

    Maybe this is why all the old people talk about the “good ol’ days” – because lovely pictures is what they remember life by!

    I really like this one of us.

    I have to put this in here… because this is Christy’s son, and Zoe’ has talked about him repeatedly since we’re back home. :)

    I don’t normally like many pictures of me, but this one I happen to. Like I said, Christy made us look good!

    Somehow I feel very sheepish putting pictures up of myself, but these are for my three long-lost sisters in Paris, Italy, and soon-to-be Cambodia. We’re spread all over the world these days!

    This next one was after the afore-mentioned melt-down. It really is wonderful how pictures capture the best of life! :)

    I could not believe that I didn’t pack clothes for Ben, just in case we were able to do a few family pictures. I didn’t, thinking it would be mostly of the girls and a few mother/daughter. He ended up going along on the photo shoot, and was wonderful at being the behind-camera man, getting little girls’ attention and calming little storms we encountered.

    We were able to do a few of just Ben and me, trying to disguise his polo shirt in the midst of our all-white regal attire. :)

    And my handsome man!

    Christy, you are amazing. Thank you so so much for the fabulous job! We are thrilled to pieces! :)


    These are the pictures I will look back on and think, “Oh, what precious days God gave me with my daughters!” And even now, I think that. Amid the tears, the fight-settling, and the days that don’t go by smoothly.

    I have a sister in Paris at the moment, and in two days my other two sisters are leaving for Cambodia for three months. And me? I’m in a little town in the Deep South. And honestly, I am so happy to be where I am! This is a work of God in my heart that I can say this, and truly mean it. But I wouldn’t trade where I am right now for all the travels in the world! I absolutely love being a wife and a mother!

    I love my life so very much, and am so thankful for where God has placed me!




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  • Gorgeous! To hard to even pic a favorite they are all SOOO good!

  • oh my goodness Clarita. those are absolutely AMAZING. i think you are beautiful and loved the pics with your gorgeous little ladies. and the ones with ben, especially the 2nd last one!! so great to have a good friend like Christy not only to hang out with but to have been gifted in picture taking as well!! thank you for sharing those pictures of yourself as well, they turned out very lovely…sad to hear that your dear sisters are spread so far around the globe..

  • i love them all!!!! and yes christy does do an amazing job!!! :)

  • so beautiful. always a happy thing when you can capture good pictures with small children. i never really look forward to photo shoots… but when they turn out well… SO worth it. you will treasure these always!

  • Such beautiful dear photos. You all look so lovely, and I find the place fits so well, and looks romantic! I especially love the ones of the girls interacting with you.
    It is funny when looking at photos you can still remember some of the meltdowns surrounding them, but really, it is wonderful to have the snapshots of wonderful life with your children…it does pass so quickly!

  • Absolutely beautiful! I could sit and stare for a while. Or rather, I *have* been sitting and staring for a while. :) I didn’t know Christy had that talent going on! Not that I know her well . . . have just “met” in blogland here and there. I’ll have to see if she ever visit PA. Or, I just need to hook up with someone for a photo shoot again, ’cause I know what you mean. It IS nice, and rather important, to at least occasionally to be in the pictures WITH my children. And beautiful photos like these just make me wish for it even more. Your clothing tastes and the way you put things together always turns out so beautifully too! And polo shirt or no polo shirt (I might not have noticed if you wouldn’t have mentioned it.), the pictures of you and Ben are lovely too!

  • so beautiful! such great work she did…so very happy for you that you got this chance to have this shoot. and, you got to see Christy! slightly jealous, but mostly happy! ;O)
    happy monday night friend!!

  • Wow, those are great pictures! I honestly can’t get over what a beautiful smile you have. : )

  • Beautiful.  Just beautiful.  :)  

  • Amazing pictures! What a beautiful family you have :) I love Christy’s work, she is very good. The outfits you girls are wearing are wonderful. You are a stunningly beautiful woman Clarita (I’m sure I’m embarrassing you right about now but I’s saying it anyway!).

  • I could just look at these for such a long time.  I’ve never met you IRL, but hopefully I will one day!  And I was a little bit the same as you…a few years ago, we had plans to visit my sister in SC & I knew about Christy’s excellent photography skills.  I messaged her & was quite pleased that she fit it into her schedule.  I framed a bunch of them & I will always treasure those photos!  She’s truly amazing!  I could probably pick lots of favorites here, but #11 has to be mine.  It’s the one of you holding Zoe & you both look happy & so beautiful!  Thanks for sharing them with us!

  • love them all!! beautiful!

  • Oh I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures!!!
    You look so beautiful, and your girls are just adorable.  I love your outfits….and your dress is so cute!
    All of you have such pretty, sparkly, blue eyes. And your Ben in his polo, he blends and matches just fine. ;)
    What an inspriration that you love your family so much.  I agree with you…there is no place I would rather be than here with my family.
    I like Kelle Hampton’s blog too….she is so happy.

    Enjoy your day! =)

  • I LOVE all your photo’s~ I always like to see the Blogger, so thanks for sharing the pictures of YOU too! Christy did a really great job, but sometimes it helps to have great subjects too! I use to take People pictures, and some people, just don’t take good pictures no matter what you try! :O) Your babies are really cute!

  • Clarita, you give me too much credit; but I’m so glad you like the pictures. And I do try to catch people in their best moments, but it’s not like I had to work hard to find those with you. :) You and your daughters are all so pretty, and like always you pulled together such pretty outfits. This is reminding me–sorry I haven’t sent you a CD, yet. I’ll try to get it out this week. Oh, and I’ll need your address again. I have it on my phone…which has been lost for a week now, and I don’t expect to find it. :/ I know what you mean about looking at pictures and understanding how people refer to these days as the good ones. There’s something about them that can help the stressful memories fade. So happy for you that you’re happy where you are; it feels amazing when you realize you’re reaching new levels of embracing your life…right? :)

  • I loved the pics! I”m a friend of Christy’s and you might know my friends Duane & Lucy?… Anyway, I have you saved in my google reader and I love your posts, pictures, ideas and inspiration!
    -Jolynn Friesen

  • @twofus_1 - I could never give you too much credit. :) And yes, it is amazing to realize that I’m truly finding contentment without all the what-ifs…

  • @sailing5 - I always like to see the blogger too. But when it’s me, well. :} that’s a different story!

  • @thegrabertribe - I hope to meet you one day too! And yes, I know there will be LOTS of these framed pictures around my house! :)

  • @FOREVERLANE - Yes, Christy has a business with photography… and I think she can run with the big dogs, she’s that good. :)

  • I am in love with these beautiful picturese and I am pretty sure the photographer knew how beautiful the people are to get these master pieces! ;)

  • Feeling a little jealous here….remembering times with two little girls.
    And yet, I love where we are now too. 
    More independant.
    A little boy added in the mix.

    All that to say, these are beautiful!

  • So much prettiness!!!

  • the pictures… they took my breath away… beautiful.

  • Absolutely LOVE the pictures! I agree, Christy did a fabulous job, but she also had some pretty beautiful subjects to work with!  I thought that the choice of all white was genius! 

    Happy for you that you have these wonderful photos with your girls that you can always treasure!

  • i hate pics of myself…is this a woman thing?!…but beautiful you? Clarita, these are gorgeous! it won’t be long until you’ll look at these w/ lots of nostalgia & want to, for a moment, be there again! :) LOVE, LOVE!

  • Wow! Those pictures are amazing. You and your daughter are so snow white, and she did an awesome job! :)

  • These are just lovely lovely lovely. If I am half the pretty mommy you are someday, I shall be grateful. These will have to my be favorite family fix for the summer, since our separation is so vast and terrible. Why must it be this way? Why? I suppose I shouldn’t complain, because if we were Hudson Taylors we’d never see your faces again… this is just for a summer. Much love and sister hugs from Phnom Penh.

  • P.S. Tell Ben I think he looks very extremely handsome.

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