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  • Oh my stars Clarita…plastic pumpkins over those lovelies? I canNOT believe it! The festival attendees must have been blind.

  • CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it should be ILLEGAL to be this talented, inspired, & creative…lol, totally kidding! =) your stuff is magazine-attractive! what a great outlet for you down there, and i cannot figure out HOW ANYONE in their right mind could pass over such LOVELINESS!!!!!! it’s time the south is introduced to such charm & beauty through you ladies…heehee

  • You have GOT to be kidding me. I was totally NOT expecting the ending to your adorable little show. What is WRONG with the people who attended the fair???? Plastic pumpkins with leaves and names? No thank you. Y’alls stuff is absolutely adorable!!! Wish I could come buy one of each. :)

  • You ladies are so creative! How sad that no one caught on. Way to look at the bright side of things though! I think I might have to just hop on over to your Facebook and help you out.

  • your work is creative and beautiful. there has to be an outlet to sell somewhere, just not beside the pumpkin stand. unreal!

  • Clarita, what adorable goodies you have going on here. I’m sorry you didn’t sell anything at the fair. That must have been disappointing! You know what though, I can almost believe it, because depending on the type of people who attended, I can see their taste going more towards plastic pumpkins. :P I guess the upside is that the market where you live isn’t saturated with your kind of merchandise yet…so go for it! Maybe people will catch on eventually. Seriously, when I lived in the South I thought it seemed to take a good few years to catch on to styles that were everyday in the North by the time they filtered down to us.

  • Oh, I’m so sorry! I really was a little scared for you when you said your were doing all this work, cause I’ve just been to one too many little craft shows/adventures ;) where we work our butts of with visions of selling out….to it not being such a great gig. But hey, some really great things have small beginnings so keep at it….and if you enjoyed it you didn’t really lose a thing. Love the flowers and those burp cloths…just might have to order a few of those for baby gifts. All your pretties were so creative, and your booth was lovely! I’ll skip the pumpkin junk anyday…but somehow I think our culture has settled for more junk at things like that, it’s kinda like you have to be in the right area or the people just aren’t smart enough to buy good things ;) . Well, hurray for everyone you’ll be giving gifts to, they’re the real winners this time ;) .

  • oh, it’s all just too pretty for words!
    and, i’m so sorry for your disappointment!
    sadly, i know justwhatthatislike.
    and, then you’re left asking yourself ‘what next?’ right?
    gifting is a great plan, but it’s hard to let it at that, eh?
    best wishes on the facebook page!!
    here’s to selling TONS of stuff!

  • Totally not the ending I expected either! Your stuff is VERY cute! I love those hair holder things. I could really use one of those for Nikki’s hair clips, etc. How much are those? And what would shipping be?

    Maybe it just wasn’t the right “crowd” for your stuff if everyone was buying plastic pumpkins. I think you should try again sometime…maybe at a different venue and see how it goes, because your stuff and your friends’ things are SO cute!

    But it sounded like you kept an upbeat attitude about it all, which is really nice!

  • I have no idea where you are, but this sort of thing would sell at the farmers markets here.
    And these are amazing!

  • Somehow I missed your last blog where you were talking about this event.  I’m a busy mommy, and I’m not even getting ready for an event like this!  How in the world do you do it lady?!?  You are amazing!!

    I think Jennifer is right!  The south will catch on….but a bit late. =)  I think you should keep trying Clarita.  It will catch on, and then you’ll be among the first with your little nitch!!  Don’t give up.  The wares are simply stunning and gorgeous to the max! I love every single thing I’ve seen.  If money weren’t an issue, I’d order some of everything!  What about the nippy straps you talked about in the last blog?  I didn’t see those here or on fb?

    Just a lil idea that might give you a lot more publicity.  You could do a give away from either your website or the Fair Lady facebook site and request that all contestants link to your site.  I bet you’ll sell out before you can believe it! 

  • about 11 yrs ago (oh my it really was that long ago!) I had a thing for painting. I painted birdhouses, and hat boxes and flower pots. I had such a good time that I painted til I had a plethora of painted items sitting around. so I figured I would sell that at a local craft fair. I set up my booth and SO many people stopped by! people oohed and ahhed… and then walked right past my booth and bought pathetic looking scarecrows, and fake santas, and mailboxes with ducks painted on them… and my favorite *eyeroll* pieces of plain wood cut into shapes of hearts and bears. (yep, that’s all… not painted. not stained. just pieces of wood. lol)

    at the end of the day only my friends bought a couple of things, and ONE craft shopper. ONE! for $11.

    I was actually embarrassed… more so because I was young and naive. I tried not to let it show, but it hurt to be outsold by cut outs of animals and fake santas… I gave everything away to friends that I could. packed everything else up. and swore to never sell anything at a craft festival again.

    looking back I realize what it was – most people going to craft festivals aren’t looking for homemade beautiful stuff. they don’t care how much love was put into it. most craft goers (and forgive me for being judgmental here) are just junk collectors. looking for walmart/dollar store cheapo stuff to buy in mass quantities. and you know? that’s totally cool! whatever floats their boats. But that ISN’T what a craft fair is supposed to be…

    For what it’s worth if I ever go to a craft fair anymore (pretty rare after my experience!) I ALWAYS am thrilled to see true homemade things and I save up every penny till I find something like that and I buy it(even if I don’t need it personally, I will give it as a gift) b/c I want to support true artists.

    You (and your friends) are TRUE artists. and you might want to consider selling instead at consignment shops, and farmer’s markets. You will likely find more people looking for things of taste in those places.

    oh and if you don’t have an etsy yet try that too. (though it is fierce competition b/c lots of people are trying to sell their art there for the same reasons 0 b/c craft fairs aren’t the right venue for real art!)

    I would love to look through your stuff – so if you get an etsy be sure to post it :)

  • WHAAAT! Are you KIDDING me? That was not the happy ending I was hoping for at all. Your stuff is just way too cute and homemade is just the best. Plastic Pumpkins Shmastic Shumpkins. Well, hey, at least you tried, right? I’ve thought about taking some of my nature pictures to something like this with pretty mats and frames. I even went through the effort (and expense) of buying all sorts of supplies, but I have never found the right place to do it.

  • nooooo, you’re so kidding, right? right?! How horrendously disappointing! Do you have any children’s boutiques (like an hour away, maybe :0 :) ). I wonder if they wouldn’t buy some of your things. I hope online business is a bit more faire to your creativity. ;)

  • Gorgeous stuff. Hope that you do better with it somewhere else.

  • Simplicity in Motion…Great Job! Great Site!

  • I’ll take this opportunity to stand up for the “south”.  I am also a transplanted northerner, from PA, now living in Mississippi.  Cutesy things like yours are a big hit around here!  I am quite sure it would sell very well at the upcoming holiday festival in a month or two!  No cheap “punkins n scarecrows” there! 

  • oh, clarita! so much eye candy here.. i scrolled through slowly, but would scroll up again and look for a 2nd or 3rd time at a certain thing. :)  i love the number pillows and the clipboards.. don’t even know what i’d use the clipboard for but i want one. just to set around and look at! ;) and of course your paper balls. your creativity is inspiring, girl~

  • … loved the way you so nonchalantly mentioned painting that panel! :) ohmyword. your handwriting in and of itself is ART. so beautiful.  

  • This blew me away that you didn’t do better.  I’d think i was in heaven walking up to a booth that looked like this one.  Don’t give up on the dream… it may just be down a different road.

  • i couldn’t believe the ending!!! oh my word! I’m thinking how cute the pillows would be… what great gifts some of those beautifuls would make… but people bought plastic pumpkins! you know what, that would totally happen in our town. :( I’m going to check out your facebook page now. I’m havign a booth at our local craft fair in less that a month and I hope this isn’t the outcome!

  • I was salivatating as I scrolled thru your pictures, had I been close by, I would have come to your stand and indulged myself! I WANT one of those white pillows and a few of those hair bows. I will be checking out your facebook page! Are you still thinking Etsy? I am thinking it would be a great idea!

  • oh how fun. It’s always a bummer when things don’t sell especially after you work yourself to death. :/ If I’d been there I’d loved it all and wanted to buy it all too :) just think you’ll have plenty of baby gifts for all the showers and kids to be born :)

  • totally not expecting that ending!!! love that you girls laughed yourselves silly about the plastic pumpkinstand rockin the place!
    but. you’ve got to be kidding me. cuz your stuff is gorgeous! just beautiful. so much so that the baby stuff made me feel like yes! i could actually go around again! chuckle. not sure that i could talk The Farmer into that over a cute diaper clutch. ;)

  • @Hutch5 - 

    @HennyPenne - 

    @HennyPenne -

    @Jabber_wock - I think you’re right about some parts of the south  being few years behind some of the northern things. So we’ll just try to stick it out, and maybe be flooded one day when this area catches on. :) )

    @foreveranoatneygirl - Thanks, Rachel! I may need to talk with you to learn what to do with the leftovers! Is Etsy worth it?? From what I’ve heard, Etsy is a lot more than just opening a little online shop, and I’m not sure I want to put that much time into it… What’s your feedback about that?

    @appalolly - Thanks for your vote of confidence! I think I just needed all my northern and online friends there that day! :) ) The large hair pretty holder is sold, but I have the smaller one left (pink & white) and it’s $15, plus $5 shipping.

    @clearlyhis - I would work on it while the girls took naps, so just an hour or two a day for a couple of months. I didn’t work it like a real job or I’d have been s.t.r.e.s.s.e.d out! And thank you for reminding me about those pacifier holders! I completely missed those I did put up a picture on here since you mentioned it. Veronica Schmucker (facebook) is the one that sells them. $3.50 for your choice of two colors. And hmmm, giveaway… Never did one of those before, because while I LOVE to give gifts, I feel a little funny promoting my site. But if it’s my *business* that might be a little different! I’ll think about that!

    @HennyPenne - Awww, bummer for you!! That’s so hard when you work so hard for something and then it just fizzles and no one appreciates it! We (My Faire Lady) was just in the wrong crowd… we figured that out rather quickly. And we said we don’t take it personally, because we think our stuff is really cute, but we were more flabbergasted than anything! I think we’re going to try again in a week or two at an Arts & Crafts Festival, and see if that’s any different… But we’re not dreaming too big this time! Ha!

    @myall4christ81 - you made me laugh out loud with your ‘shmastic shumpkins’. :) ) Yep, at least we tried, and we’re glad we tried. Hope *you* can find the right place to display AND sell your pictures! Wouldn’ that be fun?!

    @twofus_1 - yeah, boutiques might be an option. Because, gracious, if we’d find the right place, the higher-class southern women pay a lot of money for things they like… Must’ve not be any of them there that day. :)

    @wesnheidi - Man, we should come over there to your area! :) I think, too, that the area makes a huge, huge difference. We live an hour from very upscale islanders, and they are totally into the whole etsy look (very unique, original, can’t-buy-at-Walmart type of stuff).  So if we could find a way to get our stuff there, I think we’d do really well. So it’s just the area, you’re very right.

    @Hutch5 - You’re very sweet! Thanks for all your kind words!

    @lorennmeg - oooh fun, what are you having at your booth? Hope you do GREAT!

  • @lifeisadance - my opinion, and experience is Etsy is too loaded with too much of the same thing. it’s a great idea, and i think if you/i would have been in on it when it was first launched, it would have been different than trying to start now. it’s cheap to list and have a sight thru Etsy, but….a friend and I have discussed this and we both feel the same; too much of a good thing, has gone bad. ? make sense? and what to do with the leftovers…you mentioned to someone that you’re doing another arts and crafts show soon? you don’t know til you try, that’s what i think. if you can absorb the costs of all your materials, and time, and entrance fees, hopefully it’ll pan out. you have the advantage of 3 of you working together too, so that spreads the load and i’m sure that is great. best wishes!! do let us know how/what you do!!

  • Beautiful things! My fav are the aprons and the window panels (much sighing).  It wouldn’t work in our area either ( they’d be after those pumpkins) but 40 mi north or south and it would be a totally different story

  • new here. your creations are eye candy.

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