June 25, 2009

  • Snippets From the Past Few Weeks.


    Not having the time to do a long, lengthy article of our lives (as I did the last post!), this is just little tid-bits of this and that… collected and written over the past few weeks.



    -Life with a Family of Four. It’s grand. It’s crazy. It’s wonderful. It’s busy. It’s not OnE oF tHoSe DaYs everyday [thank God!]. :)














    -Thank you so much for all your ideas and tips on the last post. I do have a stroller AND a sling, and for some reason it never crossed my mind to use either one that day. I shall definitely remember that for all shopping trips forthwith!!

    -Zoe was walking around singing, “Happy, happy, happy!”  one evening, which she only does if her little soul is just delighted with life. “Sweets!” I said, “Are you just so happy?” “Yes, Ma’am!”  she replied [something we've been working on, the ma'am and sir] which comes out sounding like “Yes, Sam!”

    - I was very blessed by a comment from the previous post which reminded me that this stage with my children is not the “perfect stage.”  This is the “training stage”, and they are learning. I must not expect perfection or performance, lest I become frustrated with them and myself. That was what I needed to hear right now.

    -Zoe’ loves playing with Baby Leah [what she calls her because she can't say "Olivia" and probably because she hears all the Southerners say, "Oh-LEE-vee-uh!] and I’ve found her doing this a few times: “Dis lil’ piggy… weeeeee weeeeeee weeeee!” complete with motions and tickles on the baby toes.

    -Once when Ben was wiping Zoe’ after a meal, she looked up at him and said, “Daddy’s Zoe!” Of course that melted him like butter, and he picked her up in a big hug. He melted even more when she returned his squeeze with all her might!

    - Sometimes there have been tears at midnight when I’d been up since 6 am with no nap, and babies wouldn’t settle long into the night…

    - Zoe’ loves to play piano, and she’ll often play and sing at the same time. Sometimes we sing and play together. But I heard her singing by herself last week, as she was “playing” piano as well, singing, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” Absolutely precious…









    - I have been told that this is probably the most challenging time of life – as far as my life as a mother. Having two little children close together is a lot of work, but I’ve heard that is actually does become easier – even with more children! This is prpbably completely dependant on each situation, but the older children then entertain each other, instead of all the children being too young to help and still needing a lot of attention. That is encouraging to me!

    - I took the baby from Ben one night, to put her to bed after giving Zoe’ a bath, and was surprised at her mouth. “Babes!” I said, “Her mouth is sticky! That’s so strange!” “What? Huh?” questioned my “innocent” husband, doing his best to put on an I’m-not-the-culprit-look. I looked at his quizzically. “Well, actually,” he started grinning, “I put honey on her pacifier. And it really worked! She loved it!” “WHAT?” I gasped. “Honey can make babies die!!” Apparently he had not known that or else it would not have happened, but now whenever she cries he kidds me about honey on her pacifier.  :)

    - Zoe’ loves her “monkey book” as she calls Curious George, and spends most of her waking hours looking at that book and playing with her “tissies” [horses] that we bought her at an auction.




    -Daily beginning: load of laundry washed and hung out to dry

    -Outing this week to the chiropractor, Target, then on to the ocean! This time I was fully equipped with stroller and sling, and it went very well!




    - Woke up one Monday morning to realize that about $500 worth of tools were stolen out of our garage over the weekend. Ben’s tools that he uses daily to work with, and some other ones that he had literally saved for years to buy. He had to go buy tools so he could work that day! I felt so bad for him, it felt like a pretty big loss.

    - Olivia’s dimples are worth paying money to see. Just two big darling dimples. I would never have imagined! She smiles so readily after she eats and her dimples come out in full glory. :)

    -After stepping out the door one morning, I went back inside and saw that Zoe’ had gotten up and was starting her day very happily. A little while later, I realized I couldn’t find a few dollars and coins that I had put aside to pay Mama Yoder back for things she had bought for me. Several hours later I realized Zoe had thrown the money in the trash, and the coins in her piggy bank. Go figure – coins are money, dollar bills are paper trash.


    -Lots of canning/freezing already. Not good timing with a newborn baby, but it’s how the season went so we ride with it. Corn; tomatoes: diced, juiced, salsa, pizza sauce;  blueberries, zucchini into relish and also shredded for the freezer; cucumbers into pickles…

    - I was preparing supper one night, anticipating a delicious meal including Grilled Bruschetta Chicken and zucchini casserole. As I was slicing the zucchini on the Pampered Chef DNA Sampler (not really, but their hand-slicer/grater/shredder), I didn’t realize my finger was down close to the blade and I sliced off a corner of my finger. I am not very good around blood, I wish I was, but I really am not. I have fainted several times over gory situations. And I was afraid I would this time as well. But fainting did not seem like an option, because I had the baby in a sling around the front of me, and fainting would be damaging to her. Plus I had a wide-eyed little one-year old watching me with a terrified expression on her face as the blood was dripping off my hand. So, I bandaged it up as good as I could and laid on the couch so I wouldn’t faint until Ben came home. Poor man, no supper was ready that night… and we had egg sandwiches later.

    …Or the next night, for that matter. I was preparing the very same meal mentioned above, when I opened a door right onto Zoe’s toe, not realizing she was on the opposite side of the door. It ripped her big toenail off, and the poor child was in so much pain. I was nearly weeping myself, and while trying to take care of her, the baby started wailing for lack of attention. And that is the scene that greeted Ben upon his return home. And upon hugging his wife, she promptly burst into tears as well. Supper was served. Much later.

    -Several days after this, Zoe stepped in almost invisible ant bed, and almost instantly had about 50 bites on her legs. A day later, she pinched her finger terribly in the car door. Must I even say I asked Ben to start praying a hedge of protection around us??



    - Zoe has eagerly devoured sweet corn this year, really her first year to eat it on the cob. Her record is 3 ears of corn for breakfast, and  4 for supper. “Another funny day in the life of a parent,” says Ben. I agree!

    - Ben and I celebrated 4 years together yesterday! It’s been the most wonderful, the most stretching time of my life, and I am so thankful and blessed to be married to him! We have been very busy lately this week and so hope to celebrate a bit more later.

    …….and that’s been life the past few weeks!



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  • WOW! You have certainly had a lot going on the past few weeks!! The honey on the pacifier made me laugh; my mom tells of doing that to me very regularly when I was a wee one and screamed ALL the time. It was long after she did that that she found out it can make babies die, and of course she was horrified. But, here I am today, having sucked lots of honey as an infant! :)
    Happy belated Anniversary, and many, many more years of happiness to you!

  • I think it’s funny how many of those snippets I can totally relate to!:) we must be in the same stage of life or something:) looking forward to seeing you. hope the trip is going well!!!!

  • Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you’re starting to adjust to life as a family of four. I’m glad it’s coming for you.

  • wow, what I wouldn’t give to have some of your energy right now to accomplish all those things (like the canning, etc..).  I can’t wait until I feel back to my normal self again!  You’re days sound very exciting and full of stories to share w/ your man at the end of the day. =) 

  • Clarita, I can always count on you to make me smile and feel more “normal”. Thanks for being willing to share about the good and not so good days. You have such a way with words and I am always encouraged by your posts.

    Btw, you have two beautiful little girls!

  • Clarita, you look so good!!! Who would ever guess you just had a baby? And I love the little sundress on Zoe. I went back to read the advice on your last post. I loved the advice–especially the one you quoted here.

  • I guess I missed commenting on this one earlier! So very good to have your little family here last evening!! I love your little girlies, and I always love to see D interact with other children. He certainly had fun with Zoe (esp. by the end of the evening) and Olivia is a “wonder” to him, I think. Can’t wait to see how he relates to our baby in several weeks! You and Ben make great parents, and Phil and I so enjoy hanging out with, learning from, and strengthening our friendship with you guys. Enjoy the rest of your stay!!

  • And here you’ve been canning???! I think I’m an official wimp. I’ve been trying formula the last few days and they are somewhat better. At least the nights have been much improved!!! and we don’t have the sev. hours of crying in the evening. But today I’m nursing again to see if that was really what made the dif… I’ve been thinking about trying the chripractor, too.

  • found your site through someone else’s… just had to say what great pictures!!! love the “foot shots.” of course you’ve got some pretty adorable subjects to work with. :)

  • … and the header is great~ love the chair and outfit!!! all so perfect.

  • Hi!, I was referred to your site from a friend & I just wanted to tell you what adorable little girls you have:) We’re expecting our 1st baby in 7 weeks and I’m very excited:) Also I read about your Moleskine planner that you use and I was looking for one & looked it up & it looked like what I was looking for, so I now have one & love it! Thanks for the advice:)

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