May 5, 2009

  • FaMiLy DaY SaTuRdAy


    Saturday morning was Auction Day for the chickens. It was also Birthing Classes for Ben and me, as well as a long anticipated date!

    We all woke up early Saturday morning to assist Ben with catching the chickens and to go along with him to take them to the auction barn. Ben was just going to go by himself at first, but then we thought the whole experience would be much too exciting for Zoe to miss out on! So we all piled in his big blue truck and off we went…

    We sold about 30 chickens, mostly roosters. Remind us never again to get run-of-the-mill chickens! We still have around 30 fowl at home, waiting until the next sale!


    This little auction joint had all kinds of wee little animals and chickens.


    Zoe and Daddy. She was in gloryland, animal-lover that she is! Her little eyes were as big as saucers the whole time, it was just darling!


    “Patty! Patty!” She’d say, meaning she wanted to hold them in her hand.


    There was also a bigger section for larger animals. Sheep, goats, pigs, small cows…


    This picture I just had to take for the sake of her poor, ridiculously big eyes!!



    Trying to coax the little goats to come and let her give them “aye-yay”



    We didn’t even have time to stay for the actual auction, just delivered our chickens and were told we would be getting a check in the mail sometime in the next week or so! But it was a great experience for Zoe, I would love to go back again – even though I do not consider myself an animal lover by a far cry! – just so she can be wide-eyed again for a few hours!

    Our little family rushed home in the Blue Bulldog (Ben’s truck that I affectionately nick-named when we were dating), quickly changed, took Zoe’ to Grandpa & Grandma’s house, then drove to our birthing classes a little over an hour away. We did take birthing classes with our first baby, but I guess because we transferred they wanted us to take them again. A little bit of a bummer to use up a wonderful Saturday in that way, but I, and we, definitely do feel better prepared for the arrival of this wee little one!

    And afterwards, there was a dinner date at Carrabbas! Thanks to a gift card from Christopher, a baby gift two years ago for Zoe! That tells you how often we’ve eaten at Carrabbas in the past two years! :) I have never heard Husband rant and rave about food like he does at this joint!

    I wanted to take some pictures of the two of us sometime Saturday. After all, we *were* on a date, and that doesn’t come nearly often enough! :) But the only place I remembered was at dinner, and well, it looks sort of like a mug shot. But this is us – 10 days before my due date! Notice how I try to hide Big Bump under the table. Rather convenient! :)


    We wished we would have had time to do a little sight-seeing in Savannah or at least hit the mall to do some window-shopping :) but with the stage of life we are at, a little girl waiting for us at Grandma’s house, we were able to do a little grocery shopping on our way home and that was it! But because times with just the two of us are so rare, we just enjoyed that too! Lots of driving time, which equals talking time, which is something that seems to be a challenge with an ever-busy toddler and a little one coming in a week or so!

    And it was a lovely day…


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  • that`s so cute that she said “patty, patty”. i can just hear her. :) i love how that age they have their little “pet” words. your date looks great. we went there for the first time this last yr for my 30th b-day. yeah, i have to say– the food was DIVINE. we need to go on a date too soon. yours looks really sweet and fun…

  • I love all the cute pics of Zoe and the animals!!  Yeah, it’s amazing how you can enjoy doing things (that you wouldn’t have before) when the children are so “caught up” in the wonder! 

    The goate pic is just hilarious!! ha ha

    Glad you got that date time!  Take care…

  • Hey clarita..We made it to Canada and I am almost completely settled into our new little house..My Mema flew up the sunday after we arrived and helped me complete my house. I dont know what I would have accomplished without her :) Good luck on the the new arrival soon..Post lots of pictures so I can enjoy looking!

  • i LOVE the pictures of Zoe peering through the fence and beckoning for the animals to come! Too cute!! Looks like a lovely day . . . even when a day like that is full of “family” activities like auctions and groceries (instead of some of the more glamorous dates we’ve had in dating or pre-children days}, isn’t it just so fun??

    I told my sis recently that my worst days as a wife or mom are still 100 times better than working at the day-care or child & family services jobs that I used to fill my single time with!! =) Me thinks we was made for this. =)

    I tried calling again yesterday, and if I don’t get through soon, when I finally do get through, you’ll probably be in labor or something. =) Yesterday was a day that I WANTED you HERE so badly! I don’t get homesick or desperately lonely for friends very often at all, but yesterday was just like that.

    Anyway, ::hugs:: and blessings on your day!

  • you’ll look back on that date with very fond memories in the coming weeks when you feel like your too busy to really talk. nothing like trying to carry on a conversation over a newborn screaming… ahh…. these are the best days of our lives?!!?!?!?!

  • what a fun time! I’m so happy for you that you had that little outing as both family and a couple…taking time for all those ‘one last’ things before baby is most definitely worth it!! hope this next week or so goes fast, and I can’t wait to hear your news!! hugs…

  • I sit here commenting on your post with Zoe in my lap.  No, I’ll not be on here much, just for a wee little bit while they’re playing so nicely!(: 

    The auction pictures are so cute, and make me want to take Roland!  We’ll def have to make going to the zoo a priority this fall!  She would think she’s in animal heaven! 

    I’m praying for you today…or maybe more the baby, that he/she would cooporate, and also make it’s appearance real shortly!(:  Love you.

  • I say, be proud of that mommy bump   Great post and pictures!  Justin and I decided we would be taking birthing classes just because we really enjoyed the interaction with the other parents, and just having that time out by ourselves to prepare for the birth.  Plus we feel a need to be reminded of some things.  Out here they actually have classes for parents who have already been with a much shorter version, etc. 

  • oh goodness, i’m so behind on your lovely posts but at least i’m actually able to see them now. as you well know, i love every little glimpse of your lives. i’m so excited for a chance to come down and see you so very soon. the farawayness nearly kills me, especially with little love #2 coming any day, but it only makes me cherish every single moment we’re together that much more. oh, and it’s been grand catching up on the phone a little. can’t wait for chocolate crescents and face to face! *huge grin* love you…

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