April 4, 2009

  • Weekend Getaway


    Today is the 2nd sunshiney day, after  3 rainy days in a row. We’ve had so much rain I was beginning to feel like I lived on an island. A very small island Entirely Surrounded By Water. Beach-front property. Lake-side retreat. Whatever you care to call it. I was told we received 5-6 inches of rain on Saturday, and it has rained a total of 15-20 inches in the past week, so my husband tells me. Reminds me of my childhood and growing up in rainy season in Belize. I love it! But today the sunshine is back and that is wonderful as well!

     Our yard literally had inches of water standing in it, and our poor chickens were perched on anything above ground they could find. Had we known everything, Ben would not have advertised the chickens in the paper this week – people are not going to find them very appealing when they’re very drenched and have mud hanging onto their feet…


    Catching up on pictures from the past week…

    I returned home from Florida on Monday evening. Was home for a busy 3 days, then went off for the weekend again – this time with Ben! We had thought we would do an early anniversary event [our anniversary is in June] due to the Baby arriving in May. This way I wouldn’t be too large and uncomfortable getting out and about, rather than wait several more weeks or until Baby arrives. But because I only returned on Monday, Ben had not spent much time with or seen much of Zoe’ and hated to leave her behind, so we ended up having a little family getaway rather than a “honeymoon!”  That was okay. We had a lovely time.

    At least most of us did. We stayed in an absolutely gorgeous hotel,  with all hardwood floors. And since Zoe’ doesn’t walk anywhere, only runs, she had so many tumbles and head-crackers we were all getting rather concerned for her safety. Especially when she hit her head on the corner on a stool and got a huge egg on her forehead. Thankfully it didn’t split open, something I was afraid of that would leave a permanent scar, but she reminded us of her “otchie!” many times over the next few days.


    there were gorgeous old brick walls on two sides of the room



    Ben and I had been in Charleston 2 years ago – and I was about 6 weeks from my due date with Zoe’! So this was kind of a daja vu, I again was 6 weeks from my due date. So in two year from now…. :) ))

    We took the stroller instead of bikes this time, and walked around for hours. Zoe’ did really well, I guess there was enough of action and people and horses with carriages that kept her enthralled… She loved this candy shop with oodles of barrels of candy and display of gelato…



    we had to keep a close eye on Zoe’ in this store… she would have pocketed/eaten half of the candy had we turned our backs for five minutes! :)






    We both love looking at old houses and architecture. I am slightly amused by it, because Ben declares himself a country boy at heart, while I adore cities. Looking back at our first year of marriage, I am amazed that we lived right in the middle of a city because of Ben’s love for the country and wide open spaces. But we both loved our year there and often talk of it with very fond memories, Ben included! One of our favorite “dates” to do there was walk around the old historic part of the city and just look and admire it all. A very cost efficient date, to be sure! :)

    the old city food market, now a tourist trap attraction


    just some of the old architecture and iron works around the city…







    ‘south of broad’ is a term used to say ‘the really rich people in charleston!”




    I forget what kind of trees these were –  sycamore maybe – but I loved the surprise of the rather contemporary look in the midst of the old city…




    So going to Charleston was a great getaway for us. A few days before going we tried to decide if we really wanted to go, because sometimes it seems more relaxing to just stay at home than pack up and leave, especially with a baby. BUT we both knew that if we’d stay home we’d end up working on some project around the house or yard, and even though we’d be at home, we wouldn’t just spend time together. Also, going away like that makes memories. We probably would not remember the weekend several years down the road had it just been “normal.” And while I do like normal at times too, it was time for some memories to be made again! :)



    this house and old oak tree look like they came from Gone With the Wind or something!



    there were so many gorgeous old houses and gorgeous flower gardens and gorgeous place everywhere I could not take it all in!





    We did a little impromptu photo shoot of Zoe’ while we were there. I’ve been wanting to take her 18-month pictures for about 2 months, but at her age taking them by myself is next to impossible. Her daddy was a wonderful distraction to her and I’m sure we made an amusing scene – daddy jumping up and down and waving arms and yelling calling her name repeatedly as she raced from one side of the stairs to the other, mama frantically snapping pictures as fast as the camera would take them.

    And sad to say, not as many turned out as I expected, even with the multitudes of pictures. I thanked Ben for helping me as we walked away, and he only raised his eyebrows and said, “Yeah…we only shot 500 pictures [definitely an exaggeration!]” as if to say, “I’m so glad I’m not involved in a photo shoot every day!!” :) I do get a little camera-happy, I’ll admit. “But hey,” I reminded him, “We save sooo much money by taking our own pictures!” That was a very happy thought for him indeed, and he seemed not to mind the photo shoot nearly as much as before.







    we spent hours walking around, and zoe’ did so well! when she got tired we just gave her her precious bunny and pacifier and she would go to sleep in her stroller!


    and some special daddy/mommy/baby time…






    have a lovely weekend!



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  • oh my word!! these pictures are just darling!!! it’s about driving me to madness that i can’t pick that little girl up and hold her, she’s such a lil charmer!!! auuughh! you dress her so huffin’ cute…=) your charleston pictures are very impressive. i had to laugh, taking a gazillion pictures at a time must have something to do with barkmans! =) and the mother/daughter photo is stunning…what beautiful spring colors! i think i shall book a flight down right now, to be with y’all!! so fun chatting on the phone these days…=) *hugs*

  • lovely pictures, beautiful family!!!

  • looks like a really fun get away! CUTE pictures of Zoe. you’re looking good too. i think it’s about time to post a few baby bump pictures though… for all of us who won’t get to see you again till after you have your baby!

  • what a splendid time! The pictures look so romantic….I love old towns and the charm they boast, and I’d have to say you captured that well on film! And, how smart to do an anniversary weekend well in advance of baby. sigh…I wish we would have had time for that this year, but…maybe next. Oh, and you’re going to be rid of the chickens? that’s too bad! :)
    have a great weekend! ♥

  • Lots of beauty everywhere!! I love the picture in the middle somewhere of you and baby. Such a bright, fun picture. Frame worthy!

  • Oh, it looks like you had a wonderful time!  It is good to go ahead and “make memories,” even if it is lots of work.  With six children at home, I sometimes have to force myself to do things that we will all remember, because it takes so much work, and I am basically lazy!  But I am always thankful when I have made the effort!

    Zoe is just precious!  Her little pink cheeks—mmmm, adorable!


  • i love when you keep the posts coming. =) and this one was nice and long and full of pictures! (Phil was reading over my shoulder w/out contacts or glasses, so he had to PEER at the screen to see anything and after about the 3rd “group” of pictures he said,’ok clarita, that’s about enough of the pictures!’ and I said, ‘go away!’ ’cause he was partially blocking my view anyway. ;)

    anyway, looks like you had a very lovely time in a very lovely place. Charleston is one place i’ve always thot that I’d want to go since my mom grew up close to there and used to talk about it as a neat place to go.

    The pics of Zoe are adorable and you did a good job taking them!! Aren’t they growing up so fast?? The baby in them is fast disappearing, but I find D more mushable all the time. Our little wkend in VA was so PLEASANT with him–esp. the driving which used to be the biggest hassle when it came to road trips. Now he just sits happily back there in his seat exclaiming about things he sees, mimicking truck & motorcycle sounds, listening to music, and chuckling to himself every once-in-a-while.

    Another fun part of the wkend was having time to text back and forth between various people that i know. ;) It’s definitely a triangle at times. =)))

    Love you!

  • Great pictures Clarita!! Little Zoe is just precious!!!Hoping that the next 6 weeks go well for you,and the transitions ahead be smooth! 

  • Your pics are beautiful!!!  :)   And thanks for my congrats on being a future Grandma.  I have to tell you… When I saw your post of your pics from FL with Your Mom and Grandma – I cried! They were soooo precious!  And that was before I knew Holli was expecting!  Now, someday, in the future view – we can do that!!  :)   Keep up the posts, I love them!  :)   God bless your beautiful family!  And… the new one!  Bekka had hers, now…You’re next!  :) Each one is a precious miracle from the Lord!  :)

  • sweet sweet baby girl and adorable shots. Love your creativity and your blog so i went ahead and subscribed :) so i don’t miss another post. blessings ~ Rachel

  • i figured i should introduce myself……..i’m kris’ (gene) first cousin on her mom’s side so i feel like i kinda know you guys since she talks about you alot. :) anyway, just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy your site; your writing and photography. you have blessed me alot with your joy for life, your family, and God. so thank you.

  • i just had to comment on this one.  I, a northerner by birth and a southerner(in part at least) by choice,  have just loved the times jonathan took me to the southern cities to just stroll around and look at the beuatiful craftmanship/art in the building and my favorite: all the little gardens squezzed in beside the tall buildings.  seeing you with little zoe reminds me too of our times pushing a stroller or with a backpack.  we are so rich to be able to enjoy our children like we do.  jonathan loves this pine tree-growin country where we live and after 11 yrs i do too (minus the ants and a few other pests).  So in my dream world: i am this rich southern lady leaving the hot humid farm inland, to go to where the refreshing ocean breezes cool us off.  really so many of the things you write i can relate to so well of adjusting to southern living.  thanks for letting me in on your life and i know its been one-sided since you cant check in on me.  louella

  • oh, what an incandescently wonderful little vacation! everything is too beautiful: charleston itself (which i SHALL someday visit), the place you stayed (which my house SHALL someday resemble), your family (which i SHALL someday become a full-time nanny for), and the way you dress my darling niece (if only people like me could dress like that)… makes me so excited for our barkman family vacation late this summer, because we both know how fun those are…

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