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  • you’ve got a lot of good thoughts there! Security in Christ and having the love of Christ, huge i believe! sounds like you’re on a good journey. Its sad that it takes something harmful to get us thinking more about these things though, know what I mean?!?!?  have a good weekend!

  • Your thoughts are challenging!  It made me think of some thing we talked about on our walk last week.  Loving at all times…(: 

  • Beautifully spoken words! And, seeing how you’ve taken a hard situation and learned/grown/challenged/blessed others out of it…LOVE that! I agree with you that it’s a lifetime process to grow in Christ and find fulfillment in His perfect love…thanks be for the Father who loves us enough to continue to pursue and speak to our hearts…even if it has to start out as a painful experience. I pray that you will have a really wonderful weekend!

  • good stuff Clarita. thanks for sharing. hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • I am blessed and amazed at the wonderful way you can articulate and express so well your thoughts and Biblical concepts! Thank you and I needed this message as I have struggled the last few months because of feeling so disrespected by a couple who show little respect to those older than they. I NEED more of that Love of Christ to shine through and be consumed with that love. Thank you, Clarita, and I enjoy your blogs and love you guys!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this part of your journey. I can relate so very well!! I absolutely LOVE that verse about being controlled by the love of Christ. Isn’t that the core of being a Christian– accepting His love, growing in that, and being controlled by it!

  • hey:) so good to read your posts and see whats going on in my end of the country:) its amazing how northerners that move south long to go north and vise versa for us southerners that venture north :) hope the rest of your pregnancy go’s good!!! I have about 3 weeks left so we’re countin it down!! love~Dru

  • welcome home! do please indulge us by posting many pictures of florida loveliness, won’t you? especially for faraway sisters who every morning wake up and miss you more than the day before. *melancholy sigh*

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