December 23, 2008

  • Merry Christmas! [and a few other tidbits]


    All is quiet tonight… The whirlwind that we’ve been living in the past few weeks has ended. At least for a few days. Or is it minutes?? I have so been enjoying the several days at home. They are  busy days at home, but at least I’m able to be at home!

    A run-down of the past 1.5 months:

    ~ 3 – 12 hour one way road trips (24 hours round trip each) in the month of November. Need I say that with work being slow and unexpected trips, our budget is suffering??

    ~ being able to see my sister, Claudia, star as Anne in Anne of Green Gables!! She was simply fabulous. I couldn’t have been more proud!!

    (I was there all three nights, and I sat so enraptured the entire time that  this is the only picture I have of Anne and Gilbert. It was a posed picture after the show…)

    ~ realizing (not very happily) that because Ben is on the School Board, I am on the School Board Ladies Food Committee by default – thus resulting in 4 days in one week involving schoolfood/decor one way or another. And I thought I was going to have a slow week…

    ~ being youth leaders, and planning a Progressive Christmas Banquet for the youth

    ~ having a Cookie Baking Day with Linda - just for fun!


    In Linda’s new kitchen! She made all the adorable cute cookies you’ll see below, while I just made some of the usual! :)





    ~ seeing friends in Ohio I hardly ever get to see while Ben went deer hunting: Dora, Janelle, Shirleen, Carmen, Bethany… ‘Twas ever so lovely. Sadly, I don’t have pictures of everyone in that grand week… Oh, and there was snow!

    The four of us were at Bible School together, and at least a few of us have gotten together every year since! I love these dear ladies…

    and we went to this amazing coffee shop in Sugarcreek…

    and just to show that we saw snow! [man, I really sound like we never get out]

    ~ returning to the south, and to 80 degree weather. I adore cold winters with snow that comes in blizzards, so it’s quite an effort for me not to be grouchy with this summer-like weather.

    ~ decorating for Christmas. buying a Christmas tree only to cut it to pieces to use for wreaths and greenery around the house. at least it *smells* like Christmas inside even if it’s 80 degrees outside. I decorated with a little more rustic touch this year instead of the more traditional that I usually do…

    just a few pictures to give you a glimpse of our home…

    the desk, which sits off to the side of the living room.


    the rest of the living room


    the nativity set we found last year after Christmas


    the sled with some of the old trunks I seem to collect


    and mistletoe with boxwood, of course!



    on the piano, looking into the dining room




    in the kitchen



    in the dining room


    ~ running after my 16-month old daughter, whose delight these days is throwing anything and everything in either the trash can or the toilet. Shoes, her bunny blanket, my prized vintage Fisher Price toys… I literally have to dig through the trash can by hand before I throw it into the dumpster! And many a treasure I have rescued doing so.  It’s well worth the effort, I’d say.  Oh, and she likes to spill bright red candle wax on brand new carpet [not my own; my friend's brand new house!!] and her white linen dress… I have literally been carrying a “husich lefle” [spanking tool, for those who need  German interpretation!] around with me the past week because she has been so naughty! Today was the first day where only two spankings were needed, and I felt like I was on vacation!

    ~receiving countless joys from the same 16-month old daughter, who is so affectionate and comes up to me many times a day just to give me “tiiiiiiigggght hugs.” She started saying “I love you” as she squeezes too… We’ve started getting the giggles together before bedtime, often while I’m rocking her and singing to her, and sometimes we can’t stop because we just get each other giggling so hard! I can’t help but be in love with her!

    [just had to grab this picture - Zoe' heard Daddy talking on the phone, so she had to find a phone and go join him!]


    ~ reaching 20 weeks with this pregnancy, and I’m so excited because I finally have a Baby Bump! I haven’t been sick one day this pregnancy, for which I am so so thankful. I’ve heard so many horror stories of other pregnant women… The only time I get queasy is when I brush my teeth, and I am an avid tooth-brusher. But thankfully, if I need to, well, throw up, at least I’m right there by the sink and don’t have to make a run for it. And I come away with no one knowing that is the worst part of my day. I have been incredibly fatigued this pregnancy though… Sometimes I wish I would be sick so I’d have an excuse to sleep all day and night, like I want to! Or have an excuse to cut back on some of the activities… I’ve tried resting during the day, but the one day I attempted lying on the couch with my eyes closed, Zoe’ came up and bonked me on the head sooo hard with the cordless home phone that I couldn’t do anything but lay there and cry.  I had no idea a one year old could hit that hard. And that was the end of resting on the couch while she is awake.

    ~ and now, we’re looking forward to another long road trip to spend [a white??] Christmas with my family!

    I’m so thankful this year for a God who became as one of us, to bring compassion, healing, and forgiveness to my life… He is a God not only who knows our joys, but who also carries our burdens and  cares for us so deeply! What a Precious Lord we have!

    Merry Christmas to one and all!




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  • Your house is beautiful! Life with Zoe WILL get better. She’s probably at one of the most difficult stages- old enough to get into trouble, but doesn’t really get it yet. It’s a blessing that you feel so good this pregnancy. Sounds a lot like mine- brushing teeth is just so hard! Wishing you a blessed (and white) Christmas with your family!

  • Oh my! I think we can identify a lot right now. Your pregnancy sounds so much like mine usually do— not sick, but incredibly tired. And sleeping with other little ones around is ever so hard. Your 16 month old and my 20 month old would be best buddies if we would get them together, but boy, it sure would be scary. The house might be no more. Hang in there. I think there is hope. Your house is so pretty. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • So you should have added that (being the wonderful  mommy that you are)the very next day after the lil carpet episode,  you headed straight to your friends house and worked very diligently on getting the wax out of the carpet…and lo and behold…it did come out!!(:  Thank God for the Montezuma cookbook. (:   You are a super mommy , I must add, and do so well at being consistent!  

    I hope you have a most delightful Christmas with your family!  See-you when we both get back from our travels!  Maybe then we’ll actually have time to do some leisure things…like walking, shopping etc.(:(:

  • Hello there, you probably have no idea who I am, but I just wanted to say that I love reading your site.  You’re a great writer and your pics are so interesting.  I had to laugh ’cause I also have a 16 mo. old daughter and she is going through the “thowing things in the trash can stage”.  She’ll take 1 or 2 bites of a cookie and throw it away!  I’ve also found wash cloths and toys in the trash can one day!  Oh, the joys of a 1 year old.  I’m also 15 weeks pregnant – just thought I’d share since I read that you are pregnant also!  Have a lovely day! – Kendra

  • such great Christmas decor! I hope you enjoy the holidays with your family…..

  • i’m thinking happy memories from our days together… i’m ravenously hungry for another one of your cinnamon rolls with a cup of coffee… i love your adorably decorated house… i want you to be here to celebrate new years with us… there’s snow in the forecast… and… *sigh* i miss you a lot right now.

  • oh my!  what a joy taking a little “tour” of your charming home….all decked out for Christmas!  So lovely!! 

    i just had to laugh out loud when you talked about getting beat up by Zoe!  i too had to learn the hard way and now, when i “nap” while the boys are still awake, i have my hands resting over my face! 

    don’t despair, this too shall pass!  but then it’s time for another one!  THE DAYS ARE LONG, BUT THE YEARS ARE SHORT!!

    love from Strasburg,

  • Please don’t wish for sickness it’s not worth any extra sleep you get from it, trust me   Thankfully this time is more controlled.  Brushing my teeth always makes me gag as well when I’m prego.  It’s wierd. Anyway glad your pregnancies going good thus far.

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