September 25, 2008

  • Zoe’ – 13 months old


    These one-year pictures of Zoe’ are a little belated, but somehow when the baby is over a year the exact months aren’t as big a deal as the first twelve months. Not sure if that sentence made sense or not… But anyway, these are what we’ll call Zoe’s One Year Pictures. Taken my sister, Ervina, and myself. Jana was a photographer too but I haven’t gotten her pictures yet…

    We were in PA, and it was one of those evenings where the lighting was just delicious. I hardly edited these pictures, it was so perfect. Now, I’ve taken pictures before where I bragged about them a little because I thought they were really good, only to look back a short while later and realize they weren’t all I thought they were. So, this time I humbly submit these pictures for your viewing, gently reminding you I’m not a professional. 

    In the fields of Pennsylvania…

    Props: Mom’s old chair, Ervina’s hat, Claudia’s beads, God’s nature

    My second-favorite.



    These lovely pools of blue I look into every day…  Her daddy thinks she has killer eyes. But beware, oh ye young men, she has a fearful father! :)





    It was a bit of a challenge to keep the hat on…



    And one final – my favorite. Naturally photogenic she is. :)

    I was telling a friend the other day that having a child of my own somehow makes the world seem a little purer, a little brighter… Makes me see the world as it was meant to be, with innocence and unfeigned love. I am so privileged to be a mommy to this little girl!


    Some of the rest of us…


    A few of the aunts and uncle..


    And I have many more pictures of a wonderful time in PA, but that will have to be for another time…

    Happy Thursday to all!


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  • she is simply beautiful!! i love the style of the shots– cool chair especially! i was wondering when you were going to post again– i`ve missed it. :)

  • I think you did splendidly! Lovely chair, cool hat and to-die-for eye. I did not let George see them, for she has a fearful father. :)

  • Absolutely splendid! And her father is right.. she has GORGEOUS eyes. I’ll try and keep my boys away from her AND the fearful father.

  • i really love those pictures! she’s such a little charmer

  • aahh! so adorable! She is just the little honey! I love the middle of the field and vintage chair together…all wonderful pictures! And, I love your new header photo!

  • beautiful pictures… beautiful girl…

  • ooohhhh . . . i *love* what you’ve done to your site with the new header and everything. I have questions about how you did that!! I’ve always wondered how people add their own personal touch to headers like that, so, now I’ll have to call and ask you, I guess. The pictures of Zoe are darling, too! I saw Jana’s take on the photo shoot a couple of days ago and just loved the ones with you and Zoe together too. So you had an awesome time in PA? Really wish I could have been home while you were there! We’ll have to plan our vacations a little better next time. =)

    Pioneer Woman?? I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or?? ;) I *did* feel kind of pioneerish in that long wide skirt AND with my new (thrift store) red boots . . . something about the combo didn’t quite strike me and I made a mental note not to wear those two things together again. But then again, if there was a day when I was gonna hafta feel/look like a pioneer woman, Crystal Peaks Ranch was a good place to do it. =) Tell Ben that the guys are coming in late tonight. They don’t have an elk (unless they got one this afternoon), but they’ve seen quite a few and have had their chances! However, I know they’ve had fun and will have plenty of stories to tell. Just wish we’d have meat for the freezer!

    And lest this turn into an epistle, I will say, GOOD BYE.

  • I love the pictures!! My favorite is the same one you mentioned as yours. She’s darling!

  • such a happy CUTE little girl.

  • OH!  What beautiful pics of such a beautiful little one!!  I can see you are indeed enjoying motherhood!  Wish we could have seen you when you were in the area!  WE have our church campout this weekend!  Blessings to you all!-oh, that’s why your Mom tried to get ahold of me for lotion!  You’re home!  :)   I’m really with-it!

  • Just love the pictures!!  She is so beautiful! And I have questions about the header too….you did a lovely job on it!  Btw, it’s so good to have you home!(:

  • Those are lovely!! (No need to make disclaimers!) :) And I know where you can get a canvas at a decent rate if you want one. *mysterious smile* (funny, I know. You probably already know where).

  • Forgot to say I LOVE your new header!! :)

  • I’ve been so far behind on reading people’s posts/commenting…  But, these pics are soooo adorable!!  Zoe looks like such a sweetie, and those kissable cheeks!  Dora says you are coming next month!  Would love to see you then too.  Maybe we can all go out for coffee or something?

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