August 22, 2008

  • Barkman Campout ’08


    Ahhhhh, it’s a lazy, rainy day. The kind of day where all I want to do is sit on the couch with a book and read away… Hopefully I’ll have a few moments like that today. Tropical Storm Fay is coming through today, and we are getting dumped with rain. That’s a new idea for this northern girl – I’m familiar with snowstorms and blizzards, but not tropical storms! We are far enough north that we aren’t in any danger from the storm [or so they say], but we just get a lot of rain and wind…

    Whenever it rains, I almost always take Zoe’ out under the umbrella and sing songs to her. One we always sing is “My Favorite Things,” and we sing about the raindrops and kittens and white dresses with sashes… I just love that song, it’s all so sweet. We sing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and  about the old man who went to bed and bumped his head and couldn’t get up in the morning. She loves it. We put our hands out from under the umbrella and feel the raindrops. It’s just so fun so show her all these “new” things, let her discover the world for the first time!






    It’s also a great day to catch up on everyone else’s fun posts! It takes me days to read everything when I’m gone for a while!

    Oh, and we finally have air conditioning again… After being without it for almost a week, we are some very grateful folks, I’ll tell you! It was pretty neat though, because although it’s been an extremely hot summer, the week our a/c went out was the coolest week out of the whole summer! The nights even cooled down for the first time, and although it was humid, we were able to survive in our house. So awesome how God does things like that… Any other week out of the summer and it would’ve been too hot to stay here. It was so humid in our house that week, that although we were able to make it, our piano went out of tune, some of my pictures fell off the walls because the cardboard backing buckled, my hair took 8 hours to air-dry, and our sheets and blankets smelled awful… Like I said, we were definitely a grateful folk to have our air conditioner working again! And our landlord put in a whole new unit, so hopefully that’ll also help with our electric bill ["light bill", like the southerners say. That was for you, Marylou Hershberger. ]


    Destination: Morgan County, Ohio


    And now, for the Campout pictures. Like I mentioned earlier, it was primitive camping. That is not my first choice of vacationing, but with this wonderful family, I would’ve camped for weeks! Okay, maybe not quite that long, but it was worth every minute of freezing at night. We had to suddenly acclimate to the frigid northern nights, and had I not had my personal heater [a.k.a. Husband] I wouldn’t have been able to make it in the tent!

    We had a wonderful time together… I am so blessed to be a part of this great family – who loves the Lord, and who is also ever so much fun to be with!

    We were welcomed to the campout with a lovely bouquet of flowers…


    And more flowers on the picnic table


    Our little shelter from the cold


    Zoe’ thought the tent was the coolest thing she had ever seen. She would crawl around that thing as fast as she could go, just grinning from ear to ear.


    She also had more attention that she knew what to do with. She got lots of pinches and squeezes from the uncles and cousins. :)



    All the cooking was done over an open fire. And when Gaylord & Celesta made doughnuts that way, I was thoroughly impressed.


    Gaylord soaking up Chloe’s affection


    Lots of campfire times – one of the many highlights of the weekend!




    These little boys were in the creek eeeaaaarrrrrlly in the morning – waaaayyyy before anyone else would be up and around. We could hear some of my Ohio cousins from our tent, “OOOOOOON-FA-SHTENDICH!! OON-FA-SHTENDICH NAH-HA-MOH!!” [or however you spell that in PA Dutch] as they’d discover crawdads and minnows. It was the funniest thing – after I got over being awakened at such an early hour!


    They were pretty proud of this one. Even though they were the ones who put the minnow in the claws.


    and this one is just for Christy - she looks as excited as can be as she cheers a water-balloon-toss :)


    and just some lovely faces…

    Darling Chloe


    Dear Victoria


    Wynn [affectionately known as "Wynnie the Pooh"]


    And my little Zoe’ – whose piggies never cease to get a giggle out of me. But Ben still says they look terrible.



    and lest he be offended by my calling him “lovely”, I will say this: “Check out my handsome bro!”


    The Annual Baseball Game. Which proved to be rather eventful.

    Ben at the bat.


    Claudia slugging the ball…


    …which led to this: an emergency room run for my dad!


    In diving for Claudia’s ball, he tripped on the uneven field and landed on his shoulder, thus resulting in a torn ligament… Poor dad will be in recovery for the next 6-8 weeks, followed by therapy!


    And my brother, David, got hit by a dear cousin who [blindfolded] thought David was the pinata!! He had an egg on his cheek that stuck out further than I’ve ever seen anything stick out…


    So now we’re back at home, after an exciting weekend in the hills of Ohio! Zoe’ must have gotten chilled at night, because she’s been fighting a cough and cold ever since we’re back. I’ve seen almost every hour on the clock the past few nights… We have been spending many hours reading books and looking at pictures of animals and saying all kinds of animal sounds… Hopefully we’re on the way out of this sickness though!

    A very happy weekend to you all!

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  • Family reunions are so much fun and yours looks like it was no exception.  Glad you had a good time!  I’m sorry your dad and brother had some mishaps.  I’m sure that dampened things a little. 

  • I love those pictures of you and Zoe in the rain! So precious! So happy for you that your a.c. is now working!:O) Days in Ohio….sigh….since I grew in Ohio, not far from there, those family reunion pics look like so much fun…remind me of days gone by….

    you have a delightful weekend!!

  • So glad the AC is going again. Amazing the timing with the *cooler* weather. Looks like you had a great campout, minus the shoulder and the human pinata. :(  And yes, I hope the *light bill* is lower for you. :) And they would pronounce it “lat” bill. :)

  • what a swell post my good women. you describe accurately the superb and strenuous activies.
    its been fun putting on dads socks in the morning and reminding him to take care of himself. kinda fun saying i hit the ball that got my dad e.r-ed.
    seeya soon. [im going to bed soon, then i shall dream about you]

  • Wow…seems to have been a rather bumpy weekend for the Barkmans.  “Light bill”  Even though I don’t say that (note I didn’t say never have), I didn’t think of the unusual terminology.  Would be better to call it the AC bill.

  • WHAT is it with men hating the piggy tails? i go to all this effort to make two of them on elle and then he (g) is hissing that they look real hideous. makes me sad because i love the silly look of them so much. anyways, i can SO relate. :)

  • What a wonderful family outing!!  And you have such a wonderful family!   We are starting a camping tradition this year with our own family, now that there are 2 marrieds’!  :) We’ll be praying for your Dad and David!!  Ouch! You have such a way with words!  I just love reading your posts, and seeing the pics!

  • it was a wonderful weekend. just too short. *sigh*
    oh keith beiler just told me he’s headed down to georgia this weekend, and that he’ll get to see you and ben. great was my envy upon hearing this, as you can imagine. i wish i could sneak in his trunk or something. goodness, i miss you. the rainy day pictures of you and the niece-doll are too cute. i wanna come enjoy rainy days with you TOO! i love you…

  • I love all the pictures in this post! Did you get DSL or did you labor long and hard to upload them via dial-up?? Bless your heart! =) So sorry to hear about your dad (from Jana), but sounds like the rest of the weekend was fun . . . Looking forward to the next time we see you all!

  • i really think y’all should consider moving closer north. cuz EVERY stinkin’ time i try to call, your phone rings n rings. (blast! lack of service again?) or maybe you should get highspeed, so your pics don’t prevent incoming calls! ;) so you must tell pops to stop working his arm so much. . .we worked on the house in lancaster yesterday- my last day! *yay* oh it did i mention it was raining? [rainy days call for embracing its enchantment] so we tried a new lil asian food joint out that just opened in the city! it’s soo sweet! the graphic design/interior colors are swell! you must come home and see the latest. . .=)

  • the first pics of you in the rain are darling! love them.

  • Clarita, your comment was one of those that struck me as so perfectly understanding.  It’s not like it’s a big issue or anythin, but it still felt good that someone “got it.”  :)   thanks!

  • So I went through pages of your photos. Just so you know,I am not crazy. At leats not according to me. My family may beg to differ. ha. Anyway, gotahavajava told me about your living room pics and I needed to see the pillows. Looking for inspiration. Why not come to the decorating-chic’s site and get it? ;)

  • I’m happy to be of any help – because see, I go to other people’s sites and do the same thing! :)

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