November 15, 2007

  • The Budget

    If my life were in The Budget…


    Ben Yoders have been having quite a time in Georgia. It seems they’ve suddenly decided to buy a house. They say it’s not sudden, that they’ve been living in Jesup for a little over a year and looking the whole time, and now a house has finally come up. They tell us that settlement won’t be until February, because Miz Bobbi needs some time to get all her stuff out.

    Ben’s Clarita was telling me that Miz Bobbi talks about eating her greens every time they’ve gone over. Last night she broke the news to Miz Bobbi that she’s never had mustard greens, or collared greens, or any such greens, as she was raised in Pennsylvania. Miz Bobbi looked at her in a horrified sort of way, and replied emphaticallly that she “must’ve not been raised on a farm!!” Clarita tried to reply that she actually sort of was, but decided against it, as Miz Bobbi must not realize that northern farmettes do not grow mustard greens.

    The bonny wee child of Bens has decided it’s finally time to sleep through the night, at 3.5 months of age. Ben’s Clarita said she slept worse than ever the first night, because she was constantly thinking her baby was going to wake up. But it’s a welcome relief for her to have a full night of sleep, after several months with at least one interruption a night.

    But is seems that Mrs. Yoder is apparently losing some brain cells in the process of raising a child. She bought a small baby scales at a consignment shop yesterday and after weighing her baby, called her mother in great excitement to tell her how much the baby weighed. But she says she’s been having brain freezes ever since she got pregnant with the baby, and it’s still continued, because she couldn’t think of what to call the scales. She told her mother she got “a, um, a, what do you call it, a weigher thing!!” Her mother calmly told her it’s called a “scales”, and then suggested she take some supplements of brain food to help the situation. Mrs. Yoder thought that might be a sign from the Lord, because Ben had told her too that she should take some brain food. She took it as a sign of them caring about her, not as a insult to her mental abilities.

    Bens baby now weighs almost 15 pounds, as Clarita found out on the “weigher thing.” 3 ounces short of 15, but Bens were surprised, as Clarita’s mom’s babies all weighed 18 pounds at a year. She said it’s no wonder her arm has been getting tired carrying the baby around.

    The Yoders are very excited about the Thanksgiving break, as Clarita’s two sisters, Ervina and Claudia, paid for most of a plane ticket for her and Zoe to go up to PA this Saturday for extra family time! Clarita did tell them, that, for their kindness, she will be very careful how much she plans in addition to family activities, as they were the main reason she could go up. She said there is no way to express how excited she is about going up, as she hasn’t been there since August. Ben will join the family next Wednesday.

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  • your silly. and quess what?- tomorrow we can say ‘tommorow we shall see our sister love and niece.’

    please do come fast, i most certainly cannot wait much longer. oh boy, oh boy.

  • FUNNY!  I would ready your piece in “the budget” any day!

  • oh my! you are too funny! you didn’t lose ‘too much brains’ yet, to come up with that. enjoy your family time….

  • this post makes me giggle. it sounds like it’s written by an old gossip who has nothing better to do than supply the budget with information. but a sweet old gossip, of course. for i am now up-to-date with my faraway family’s life! :]
    i love you dear sister of mine, i don’t believe you’ve lost a single brain cell since your pregnancy, and i simply cannot wait to spend many blissful days of sisterhood together! *grins*

  • Delightful!! I love it! You qualify for the job- budget scribe, you know. If you accept, I shall certainly start buying the Budget…it would make for (ONE) interesting piece in there!! love….

  • looking forward to seeing you and your little girl!!!!

  • Hey there!! I hope the trip up north helps those brain cells!! (: Can’t wait to see Ya’ll!!

  • Hey Clarita. What a beautiful child!  And Uh,your site. I have no idea how to edit the layout. After yours mine looks pathetically elementary. Oh well….need some teaching when it comes to things computer-ish. The budget thing sure brings memories of LONG musings and gossipings(is that a word)from little old ladies. 

     Wish you would be around at Thanksgiving,would love to see you guys and the little one,but I also know the joys of ..FAMILY!  So excited to see mine!  Take care! Sandra, for the Millers

  • Good post!! I am also excited that you are going to be in the area again for a little while. I can’t wait to see you and your little girl again!!!

  • hehe u made me smile!! hey again it was great seeing u again even thought it was a short time of walking thur the mall togather!!!:) lucky u to get to go home!!! my parents are actually down right now so im loving it. anyway have a great wkend!! -deb

  • I totally know what you mean about having a memory loss since being pregnant!!!  its bad and kinda depressing…  enjoy your week w/ your family!

  • Brain food…. let’s see…. greens are really high in vitamin C! (please don’t pinch me next time you see me!) :) A house? Details, lady! I don’t know if I’ll see you before you leave or not. Hope you have a most excellent time with your family and friends!! I think our Ladies Night Out event will be Dec. 10.

  • it’s chust been so vunderful goot to read how tings are going fer you alls down dere in Cheorgia. i tink i’ll chust haf to supscribe to da Butchet from now on. an speaking of da brain cell situation, ya haf tons of my sympaties in dat area.

  • ya vell, ve all do neet a goot chuckle now and den. and yes, yes, ach my, we sher do haf to get ourselvets togedder dis veekend. please chust gif me a call on dee teleefone as soon as iss covenient fer ya. simply can’t vait!

  • Good run down on what’s happening in your life. Blessings!!!!

  • very very creative!! yepper dat dere vas a goot read!!

  • enjoyed reading all about you! and first of all be very very thankful for the all night sleeping girl you have cuz my little boy only lasted a couple weeks with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thought it would last but nope he’s been back to getting up 1-3 times a night!!!!!!!! and he’s almost 7 months old! don’t know what to do. any advice?!!! :) and i know exactly what you’re talking about when it comes to loosing a few brain cells!! it’s an awful feeling-it’s not so bad anymore but when he was just a few months old i’d be saying something and all of a sudden completely forget what i was talking about and couldn’t go on with the story!!!! terrible feeling! :) but having a baby is definitely worth all of that!!!!! :)

  • hey ms. yoder..  i was so disappointed i didn’t get to talk to you that long time ago in the huge city of Atlanta. I was looking forward to talking to Ervina’s oldest sis. :) Ach vell, maybe next time. Maybe some far away time when i slip down when Glo has her wee one. Oh, and i do believe (even tho ervina is extremely partial) that you do have one cute little chic there. :) Have a good week! -veronica

  • It was great to see your little Shnuckum. What a cutie! God bless you with much wisdom as you nurture and guide this little one. I’m using my son’s user name, he wanted me to make that clear if I commented on anyone’s xanga. Marian (Shelly’s mom)

  • Hey it was good hanging out with you and your little family this weekend!!!!
    And Zoe is the sweetest and cutest little girl!!!!!!!
    I just wanted to squish her when i was holding her!!!
    Well i hope you have a great week!!!!!! 

  • love your new profile pic!!!

  • very cool profile picture!!
    loved the “budget” update too… we have shputted that paper ever since i can remember. :) ha. good laughs.

  • What a dolly you have!  She looks so adorable.  It would be neat to catch up with you again sometime.  ~Dorcas

  • I was thinking that for someone who has a new camera *WOOT WOOT* there sure haven’t been many posts but apparantly I should’ve visited your site earlier because you have been busy posting pics! I’m assuming you were signed in under your sister when you asked about New Years Eve?? :) There is a supper planned at the church. I don’t know what exactly we’re having to eat, but I think hamburgers are on the menu. I’m making dessert. If people want to bring games and hang out late, they are to bring snacks and drinks as well. It’s warm now but it’s supposed to be down to freezing or below by then (at night). Hope you’re having fun!! Miss you!

    P.S. Did you find out the other “German” baby is here now!!! :)

  • Hey Clarita, Hope ya’ll had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’s!

  • Hey, Clarita! This is Tilda Nissley, don’t know if you remember me or not….We met at the Teacher’s workshops in Hartwell Last Feb. I came across your sister’s site & asked if you had one & was delighted that you did! =) So thot I’d stop in & say hi, & you have an adorable lil’ girlie! We’re having a lazy but fun, relaxing day, just being together….We’re at his mom’s right now (we don’t have internet at our house so I take advantage of it when I can) & then we’re going to go home & bake a chicken, play games & watch a movie! Such luxeries seem far & few between these days! :0 Anyway, hope ya’ll are having a great day on Jan. 1st, 2008!! blessings…

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