Month: July 2007



    and the miracle has arrived.

    Little Miracle


    welcome to our world, beautiful girl.


    10 days over.

    Still no baby.

    I keep trying to remind myself that I am a “treasure chest” and not a beached whale.


    No more pictures to be posted of the whale.






    4 days overdue. Sometimes it just feels like I might always be pregnant.  

    But I’ve been having a wonderful last few days.

    -Spending a day with Ruth and baby Esther
    -eating tomato sandwiches
    -enjoying time with my husband; putting in a patio, sitting on the couch together,
    just enjoying each other alone before the baby comes
    -walking miles and miles each day [someone said it helps, but...]
    -berry picking down the road by the cabin, such great fun

    I definitely don’t have anything to complain about… I’ve been feeling better than I’ve felt in weeks, so if my comfort level is better, I’m very happy!! But when the little baby decides to come, I’ll be happier still!

    But Ben says I’m having my baby tomorrow, so check back later for a new update!


  •       BEN & CHLOE
       : : Lancaster City : :
       ‘before & soon to be after’ pics

    IMG_1518 IMG_1524
    IMG_1548 IMG_1510
    IMG_1533 IMG_1512
    IMG_1302  IMG_1306


    I have just been enjoying life so much!! The schedule is finally less demanding, I have time to sleep in [hurray!!], time to be with my family and my friends… So fun! Ben and I are ‘babysitting’ my sibling this week. I say that tongue-in-cheek because they’re all old enough to pretty much take care of themselves, but I’m here to make sure they get normal meals [not pizza every night], have clean clothes to wear, and that sort of thing. It really is great fun! We just moved in yesterday, so other than a big holiday bash on the 4th with Ben’s family that’s in PA, we haven’t done too much yet.

    My baby’s due date is 2 weeks from today! I am getting quite uncomfortable, wondering just how much more this child can grow while he’s still inside! My midwife told me 2 days ago that I’m measuring full-term, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll go early. So I go to the pool to stay cool, or hang out inside and read, and smile anyway. :)

    A dear Jewish friend came up to me last week, just beaming, and said, “When I was pregnant, I always felt like I was carrying around a treasure chest!!” That was such a good reminder for me – big and uncomfortable as I may be, I really am carrying a precious little treasure. I am so looking forward to meeting this little person!!