May 9, 2007


    The computer is back! I’m back on xanga again, after being blocked from the library computers for the past month while our laptop was getting worked on… Fun times, this xanga world! :) Never mind that this dial-up is the slowest ever…

    Busy times here… In the past few weeks since I’ve posted, two of my cousins from Ohio came and spent a glorious weekend here, I flew up to Indiana and had the dearest time with my friend Shirleen (another Mrs.-Yoder-to-be :) ), my friend Cindi came and visited for a fun weekend, and I played piano at Jesse & Sherry’s wedding while Ben was the Best Man last weekend. We’ll be home two weekends, then go to PA for my sister’s graduation, back to GA, then to IN again for Shirleen and Darin’s wedding, then on to PA once again for the rest of the summer! We have been so busy like that ever since we moved here, it’s a little stressful sometimes… Lots of great memories though, I sure can’t complain about that aspect of life! But sometimes “normal” would sound really good….

    School is winding down for the year!! Next Friday is our last day of school, and to say I’m ecstatic is an understatement. I’m been working full-time ever since we moved down here last August, so I feel like I really don’t even know what “normal” life is like in the South. I hope I’ll be able to spend more time with my friends down here, and even just enjoying the bliss of being at home. I’ll probably not know what to do with myself!!

    My 2nd grader has been giving me some heart-hugging comments lately. :) I’m so ready to just be done with school and not have the responsibility of teaching anymore, but he’s been my little encouragement. One comment he made a few weeks ago sent me giggling. I was leaning over his desk helping him with something, and he looked up at me and suddenly asked, “Do you use an eyelash cutter like my mom??” I was a little puzzled about what he meant, and said, “You mean an eyelash curler??” He grinned and said, “Oh yeah, that’s right! I guess I always thought it was an eyelash cutter!” [and no, I do not use one]

    Then yesterday he came up to my desk and asked if I’ll be around for summer Bible School in July. I told him that no, I’ll already be in Pennsylvania [not to mention that I don't think I'd volunteer to teach so soon after finishing a whole year, plus being one week away from having my baby!!]. He said, “Oh man! I was hoping you’d be here and teach my class cuz you’re such a good teacher!” Bless his heart, I’m only the 2nd teacher he’s ever had, but he sure knows how to melt my heart!

    I saw our little baby for the first time yesterday on the ultrasound!! So sooo exciting!! I wanted to find out so badly what gender the baby is, but Ben doesn’t want to know and I knew I could never keep it a secret from him if I found out, so I’ll be kept in suspense for another 2.5 months! The baby is doing perfectly well, there’s not anything that the doctors are concerned about. That is such a blessing… One funny thing during the ultrasound is that while the technician was doing measurements on the baby, she suddenly stopped and asked if my husband is tall. I told her that he’s around 6 feet tall. She grinned and said that the baby’s legs are a few weeks ahead of schedule, that I’ll probably have a tall baby! It’s just fun to find out stuff like that, to hear how the baby really is a part of me and a part of my husband. It’s mind-boggling… The technician said our baby weighs 3 pounds & 3 ounces right now. No wonder I feel like my tummy grows more every day!!

    I suddenly figured out yesterday why babies are red and wrinkly when they’re born. :) You know how we look when we’re in the pool or tub for a 1/2 hour or even several hours? All wrinkled up? Well, these poor babies are in liquid for 9 months, no wonder they’re sometimes not the cutest things the first few seconds after they’re born! That made me feel a little better, that I don’t have to be worried if our baby doesn’t come out looking like a Gerber baby cover child. :)

    Well, if any of you up in PA know of a furnished apartment we can rent for about 2.5 months this summer, please let us know. We thought we had that all worked out, then our “landlady” changed her mind. ;) Definitely something we’re praying about, we’re planning to move in about a month. Somehow this time seems strangely familiar to last summer when we were moving down here… Last minute drama seems to be the story of our lives!!

    Only 2 more days until the weekend, then one more week of school!!!




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  • oohhhhh my i can see her-er-him? herm? already! claudia ferne yoder. (named after me of course!) pointy chine, long legs, black hair, beautiful mother…hmm..definetly fits my class. *speaks to clarita’s stomach* ‘your my little  niece arn’t you!! yes you are, yes you are!! awww look at you. all bald and wrinkly’  okkkk. maybe a bit exadurated..but hey! i can’t help but hint. jaykay. cannot wait for you to come up. we shall have a loverly time together.

  • can’t wait to see you!!!!!

    and… no worries about finding stuff to do after you are home all day with your baby!:) i had the same thoughts… but i never seem to get everything done anymore. there is always something more “important” to do than clean and wash dishes. you’ll want to spend every moment you can holding your precious little baby! they grow so fast and life goes on and changes in the blink of an eye. you’ll be busy treasuring each moment!:)

  • There you are!! Soooo good to hear from you,I love the little peep into your life once in awhile…….I’m happy that the baby is doing so well – that’s hilarious about his/her legs!!! Ours probably all measured extra short. *smile* I want to see you so bad!! I think we’ll be in Lancaster the last weekend in June -maybe then! Take care and pamper yourself all you can till that precious baby comes! Last minute drama??? Thats’ what makes you a Barkman, you know!!!! love ya!

  • AWW i can’t WAIT to meet my little cousin…so exciting!! =)
    miss you guys!!

  • i mean my cousin’s little baby!
    see you soon??

  • Hey you need to put on some preggo pics of you! Or I’ll tell Jana to do it…lol

  • So happy for you that school is about over! I know the feeling!!! :) Do we have time to lunch between the end of school and leaving? C-ya!

  • wow. I think you definitely keep busy enough, take it easy. congrats on seeing the baby, long legs………. Heidi

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