Month: November 2006

  • Mmmmmmmmm… it’s been good….



    You know it’s been one of those weeks when you have one day that’s so good you feel like a little girl again… This was such a one.

    My husband told me that for my birthday he wants to take me away for a weekend, and also buy me a piano. (Mmm-hmm, my thoughts exactly! How sweet!!!)

    We spent last weekend in St. Augustine, FL, which proudly boasts itself as the oldest town in North America. Quite fascinating history that took place there… Remember Ponce de Leon and the mythical Fountain of Youth? St. Augustine is where all that took place. We were even about to drink of the [sulfer] water there at the fountain, see a city that began in 1565. I love old charm like that…

    Then [this even gets better!], we drove to Jacksonville one evening this week to pick up a used piano we found in the paper. Might I add that it’s a baby grand. And on the way home we stopped to eat supper at my very favorite little joint ever – Panera Bread. It was one of those moments where my little heart felt like it couldn’t take any more happiness! :)

    The Lord has richly blessed me with a dear, godly husband who cares for me well. This post is cheers to him!!!