Month: August 2006


    A comment from a student, after being in the classroom with classical music for a week:

    “I didn’t know people actually listen to this stuff!!
    My dad always called it  “elevator music.”

    [well, happy to introduce you, sonny! ]


  • Beggin’ ya’lls pardon…


    Oh, dear me, my apologies… Some people have commented on my site, and by their content I understood that I must’ve come across as though I’m barely hanging on down here in the South! I didn’t mean to come across as though I need to dry the tears every time I step out the door. I just thought it was a great quote – that’s all.  But thanks to ya’ll for your encouragement. At least I feel loved even if I’m homesick.  And just for the record, I’m  proud to say that I’m finally beginning to understand this dialect without needing them to repeat various times… It really is charming, this Southern accent.

    School has officially  begun! It feels quite, um, might I say strange? to be called “Miss Clarita” by these polite Southerners, and to be a real-live teacher. Oooooooo, I was scared the first day. Still am, I might add. It feels like such a huge responsibility. Not merely the teaching part, but also the influential aspect. I told my husband if I didn’t know the Lord let us here there’s no way I could’ve done this.

    I am so thankful for the opportunity though… I think it’s going to be something that I really enjoy, and I’m glad for something like this to pour my heart into.

    I’m learning that the Lord’s faithfulness can be trusted…



  • since I’m big on quotes, this is the….. QUOTE OF THE WEEK


    “Must life be considered a
    for someone compelled to stand still,
    forced into inaction,
    and required to watch the great,
    roaring tides of life from shore?
    No – VICTORY is then to be won
    by standing still and quietly waiting.
    Yet this is a thousand times hard to do then
    in the past, when you rushed headlong
    into the busyness of life.
    It requires much more courage
    to stand still and wait and still not
    lose heart or lose hope, to submit to the
    will of God, to give up opportunities
    for work and leave honor to others, and to
    be quiet, confident, and rejoicing
    while the busy multitude
    goes happily along their way.”





  • News from abroad….

    Okay, so maybe I’m not abroad, but this is the first time I’ve been able to get on email and xanga since I’m here. I tried to enter from the public library but they classified xanga as “dating” and it was blocked. Little do they know I have no interest in that area – other than my husband!!

    We really, truly, are moved. A rental house, but a house, nontheless. Lots of help from my dearest family, which traveled down with us. Quite the caravan it was! A 26′ Penske truck towing Bens’ truck, my car, and my family’s van. The normal 12 hours were sped up to 15 hours, a very loooonng day of traveling. Ben’s family was here to welcome us and help us move in, and 24 hours after arriving the entire house was set up. The next day there was nothing left to unpack so we spent the day on the Islands…

    Quite a cultural experience for me to live down here. I don’t dislike it, it’s just different. The clipped lingo I’m accustomed to is now a Southern drawl which I find hard to understand sometimes…

    - I now live in GA (pronounced “jaw’-juh” drug out)
    - Boiled peanuts (“boll’ed peee’nuts) are a common snack
    - Strangers in Walmart smile and say hello (!!)
    - Coming from the city where 50 people walked by my house
    every half hour to moving to a dirt road where I can’t see
    my neighbors from the house
    -Tree frogs sound scary
    -It really is as hot down here as people say it is


    It’s hard to believe this is where I’m living. One day at a time, I’m taking just one day at a time…



  • Moving day is tomorrow.

    Huge HUGE thanks to everyone for all the help loading, packing,
    and hugs through the emotional spasms of the day.

     I found out in a brand new way through this move that
    my family and friends are the greatest in the entire world.