Month: February 2006

  • Ever notice how just when you start getting into your cozy little comfort zone God moves you on? Doesn’t let you stay there or you’ll become dependent on that instead of Himself?

    Ever notice how you can fight something so desperately thinking life is a disappointment, then suddenly realize that God is God and we are not, realize He sees the bigger picture? Then just as suddenly there comes an incredible peace and fulfillment in the very thing you were just fighting?

    Ever notice how only the embracing of the will of God brings true Life and Fulfillment, that every other pursuit leaves an empty void, the feeling the something is missing?

    Ever notice how life with God is a total ADVENTURE!?!?! Life with Him means you never know what’s coming!


    God is moving us on… Out of our comfort zones of charming City life, living in the midst of relatives and childhood friends. Moving us on to the south, to Jesup, GA. Gotta try to adapt to this southern belle stuff.  This is definitely an earlier move that we expected, we thought we’d live here for several years at least. Yet there is an assurance that this is the right thing. That this is the hand of God, and not just something we’ve concocted on our own. Both Ben and I will be teaching school – that sounds dangerously fun.

    Only 5 months remaining before we move. And man, what a lot of things need to take place before then… If it weren’t for the faithfulness and provision of God that I’ve seen in the past, I would be shaking as I look at the future and the great changes that lie ahead for us. Yet He has never failed us, and He never will. What an incredible God we are so privileged to know and love!!

    As Lillian wrote on her site, LIVE DELICIOUSLY!!

    And cherish every single moment… Life truly is a gift.



    My traveling continues…

    I am in Colorado for  a long weekend, visiting my sister Jana… We’re having a wonderful time together, catching up on sister stuff, kissing her little charmer Damien, meeting the other nannies, babies, and houseparents she’s with. I love seeing her world. She did scare me a bit one of the first times I called and she answered, “Hello, this is Gertie’s Goat Farm, which nanny would you like to speak with?”  Great times catching up on sister things, talking like there’s no tomorrow, dealing with dishonest car rental companies [nightmares in real life, ask me later it still makes me emotional], trying to find a theatre and getting lost therefore missing the entire show…

    We’ve been four-wheeling on a ridge next to the Rockies, swimming in a natural hot springs, shopping (what can you expect when 2 girls get together?), spending lots of fun times with little babies and great, crazy nannies.  So fun to meet all of you on 3rd Street!

    But, I miss my Ben… 5 days apart is a very VERY VERY long time and I can’t wait to be with my Baby again. He has won my heart completely…

    My traveling is about to end. Plane ride home tomorrow!

    Until next time,