January 20, 2005

  • I’m in lovely Florida, will be here for the next month. I’ve been loving my daily run along the ocean, the relaxing pace of Pinecraft….  It’s been rather cold since I’ve been here though, but I’ll be soaking in the sun when it comes out…

    Good news and bad news…

    Best first of all:

    I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure that Ben and I must be the happiest couple that ever lived!  The bells will ring from the steeple in June – I cannot wait!!  

    Bad news: I had a bad accident last nite, busted my car perty bad… Not sure what to do about the mission trip I was planning on going on… Lots of prayer going on these days! Tests my faith and yet I want these life experiences to strengthen my faith as well… God IS good, and the circumstances around me don’t determine His goodness or not. Takes faith to believe that, especially when the circumstances appear at odds with His character…

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  • Glad ta hear the good news, but I’m sorry about da car. Take care, I’ll be praying. Blessings T.K.

  • hey thanks for the comment! and yeah, i heard the good news:) so excited for ya, and wish you the best..congratulations;)


  • Hey Congratulations!!!!! I was reading your site last night and I was wondering if that might not be up!!

  • congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am soooooo happy and excited for you! wow. love is so amazing…  :) :) :)

    love you.

  • SO HAPPY FOR YOU…..AS YOU ALREADY KNOW!!! So sorry about the accident, I guess we’ll talk about it on the phone…if we ever get around to finding each other?!! LOVE YOU!!

  • Congrats to you both. I am sure you all are walking on air right now. Tell Ben I said hi, if you think about it.

  • Guess who I was on the phone with when you called last nite! Your sis! :D Hehe! I was talking to her and saw “Clarita” come up on my cell phone…thanks so much for calling; I will get back with you soon! I’m so happy for you & Ben!

  • i miss my beautiful sister…

  • So sad . . . but oh yeah, Congratulations!

  • i’m so sorry that our phone calls keep being cut off! It’s so hard when we’re driving through these mountains and there suddenly are no more towers. :(   I’ll try to call again soon. Sorry to hear about your car.   Love you!!

  • Congratulations Clarita!  I am so excited for you!  It’s terrible…. we live a few miles away from eachother and I have to wish congratulations on xanga :-0

    sorry you busted your car up…….I guess you weren’t hurt too bad if you are posting.   wishing you the best…. *krissy*

  • my bonita clarita….*hugs*

    YAY! but wait, i already told you that. oh well. i love you bunches, and amd SO glad to hear you’re alive and well even after a car wreck!!

  • so sad about benny! :) hope you can get her fixed soon! ;0 congrats to my sister way out in the south somewhere…i mean out in the clouds. (!!) wahhh! i miss you and wish sooo bad i could just be there with you right now…take good care of ben! :0 jan

  • I think you have me confused with another Greg. My name is Greg Miller and I was at SMBI all four terms of 2003-2004 when Ben was Ass’t Dean. I just thought I’d let you know so that you didn’t think he was getting your messages. Have a great week. 

  • i will just add to the 14 comments that already express just what i was gonna say. But surely only two of them can feel the same way about it as i do!

      Because we are sisters! I sure am missing you down in FL!
     But i am trying to remember..i am not losing a sister..i am gaining a brother!!!

  • congratulations clarita!!!  i wish you guys the best!

  • Clarita Barkman, you have GOT to update this blog once in a while! ;)

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