Month: September 2004

  • Well, I’m home from school for a short weekend with my wonderful family… I came home by  myself, had a great drive singing my heart out by my lonesome.  Now that I’m home it’s hard to think of going back for another 5 months… Call me homesick if you want, but I miss my family when I’m gone!

    I am really loving Bible School though… It seems like a whole new side of God is being opened up to me. We’re studying anthropology, hamartiology, and soteriology in my main class, which I didn’t even know the meanings of those words before I went.  But in plain English, it’s the study of man, the study of sin, and the study of salvation. There is huge, powerful concepts that I’m learning – I’d love to sit down with every one of you and tell you what I’m learning! This class feels like a life-changer to me. It’s theology, but even more than that, it’s Truth that sets my heart free and is practical for my daily living!

    I’m asking God for more release in my own heart… You know how sometimes you feel like there is so much more to you than what you know? Yet you have no idea how to let that other “you” come out, or what it means to be truly “you.” What is “me?” These are still questions I have, but I’m finding some light in answer to my questions…

    May our Jesus meet you right where you are!

  • Hmmmm, looks like I’ve been extinct for the past several weeks. Really, life has been in the fast lane all summer, and reality is hitting that life really does get busier as I get older… It’s been rich, fulfilling… and stressful.

    This has been a soggy week.  Several things have come up that made me really reconsider going to Bible School, and the uncertainty of things was really hard. Last nite the decision was made to go as planned for the next 5 months, and now I have 1.5 weeks to prepare.  I am so excited about going, although I wonder how I’ll ever be able to get everything together and wrap everything up here before then… You can talk to our Father for me if you think about me! Greatly appreciate that!!

    In the rough times, when it seems like God can’t be found, He wraps Himself around me… I’m learning to listen to His soft whispers… and they are so sweet.