Month: August 2004

  • I am so excited…

    ONLY 3 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot wait to jump on that big plane and fly down south to GA!!

    The two weeks of managing the florist shop are over, and I really did enjoy it! It felt like a lot of responsibility to keep everything running and take/place orders, but it was fun! I love working with flowers, and it’s so cool how every arrangement is different and unique. Just like me.  Yeah, all of us.  I love arranging, but I love delivering the flowers too and seeing the wonderful look on people’s faces when they get a bouquet of flowers. It’s one of the coolest parts about my job!! So now I’m back to being an employee again, which does have advantages too.

    In all the busyness of life, I want to always remember that life is beautiful, but that heaven in better…. I miss heaven, even though I’ve never been there…

  • A relaxing weekend filled with lots of shut-eye, definitely my kind of weekend!!! Makes me feel ready to face another week with heart again instead of mere obligation!

    Wow, the first week of managing the florist shop is over, and one more week to go! Thank you Jesus, it went well, and that due to God and wonderul people in the wholesale departments!! It has been fun, been a challenge, been scary, felt like a lot of responsibility, and I’ll be happy to just be an employee again!  I’ve been learning so much and love working with the flowers – this is a dream come true for me to gain this experience!!

    Feel like the sunshine is back in my heart again… The past few weeks have felt like continuous struggle, and the frustrating part was that I didn’t even know what the struggle was, but there was definite struggle!! God spoke truth into my heart over the weeknd through several dear friends, and my heart is at rest once more… Thank you Jesus!! Two huge things from God through friends to me:

    (1) It is just as honoring/glorifying  to God to rely on Him  moment by moment each day as  it is to spend powerful quiet times with God. (ben)

    (2) I CAN NEVER BE A DISAPPOINTMENT TO GOD!!! I can grieve His heart, but disappointment comes from unrealistic expectations often based on selfish hopes.He looks at me without condemnation!!! (kathy) Romans 8 has been so beautiful!!

    Live today knowing that you are deeply loved by God!!